BBLogo-HR-Houston-01-219x300Do you want to work for one of Houston’s Best and Brightest Companies? Murphy’s has won the honors for two consecutive years in 2014 & 2015!

Because Murphy’s Corporate Lodging is experiencing significant growth, we are always looking to grow our employee base.

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For the best service, we need the best team.

Here is what our team has to say about working  for Murphy’s Corporate Lodging.

Murphy’s is a great company to work for!  Management shows appreciation every single day and has created a very positive and upbeat work environment.  Everyone here genuinely cares for our guests and we all work together to create an outstanding experience for our clients!
Shelli MartinMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
Customers are our business. It is gratifying to know that you have helped someone with “home away from home” stay, just to make them a little more comfortable. I worked for Murphy’s five years ago and returned because of the camaraderie and sense of family that being a part of this team brings. There is a sense of appreciation and reward in what I do everyday.
Jessica FeilMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
We give our customers the “WOW” factor when they stay with us. I work with such a great group of people that it makes it fun to come to work every day. It’s a very well-rounded organization that manages to keep my job fulfilling and interesting and a pleasure to be doing everyday!
Karlene TisdaleMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I love working with Murphy’s because I feel like a family.  We share, laugh and work together!
Lorena VillegasMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I love working for Murphy’s. It’s like working for family!
Alisha CampbellMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I joined Murphy’s Corporate Lodging in 2005 because of their reputation and have remained with the company ever since.  I enjoy the people-focused nature of Murphy’s which has continued to remain strong throughout the company’s growth and development.  When I started with Murphy’s almost 10 years ago I never imagined I would be in the position that I am in today. It has been an exciting and inspiring journey for me so far and one that I very much hope to continue.
Amye DonaldonMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I just had my one year anniversary working for Murphy’s Corporate Lodging. It has flown by with the fast pace and high energy that is kept in the office.  I came as Murphy’s has grow to be the largest corporate housing company in Houston, and has grown outside of the Houston market as well.  I was welcomed with open arms to the tight knit team at Murphy’s.  I love my job, and feel privileged to be able to help our customers find their home away from home.
Amber TylerMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
It is a great privilege to work for Murphy’s Corporate Lodging.  I feel like they go above and beyond to make sure their clients as well as their employees are happy.
Julie LaPintaMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
You can be confident that our Murphy’s guest services department is second to none.  They demonstrate their commitment to provide first class service for our clients 24/7.
Julianna HagarMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I know Murphy’s has a high commitment to service, I feel empowered to make decisions or do whatever is needed to ensure our guests have a great experience in our apartments.  We value people above all else and know that providing exceptional service shows our customers we care about them. Our guests are all going through some type of change in their lives; new job, new city, training, medical treatment.  Our team understands that these changes can be stressful for our clients so the way we treat our guests and the service we provide does make a difference.  I enjoy being part of a team that sincerely cares about people.
Jan WilliamsMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I am so happy working in Murphy’s. I like my job that is why I work here for a long time. I am happy with my supervisors.
Staff HousekeeperMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I like my job because I am learning something new every day and we are a family. We have a good team with my supervisors Raul, Lety and Sandra.
Staff HousekeeperMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I like working at Murphy’s. This is a good place to work. We have a lot of opportunities and my supervisors and coworkers are very nice.
Staff HousekeeperMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I like my job, my schedule time, salary and my team leaders. Thanks Murphy’s!
Staff HousekeeperMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I feel very comfortable with my job. I love what I do, and best of all is that I have a supervisor, Sandra, that helps me. I feel  very good here.
Staff HousekeeperMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I like to work at Murphy’s because they treat me well. That’s why I have been working for Murphy’s all these years. I plan on staying with Murphy’s for as long as God lets me. Thank you.
Staff HousekeeperMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I love the treatment and the atmosphere that our supervisor give us.
Staff HousekeeperMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
Working at Murphy’s gives me satisfaction because I am able to see our people grow and develop as we expand in the DFW market. The commitment to customer service and wanting to do the right thing is evident in the efforts of our staff.
Michelle NeriMurphy’s Corporate Lodging
I enjoy working with people who thrive to provide excellence. It’s a very rewarding job that keeps you motivated.
Teresa ParasilitiMurphy’s Corporate Lodging