Murphy’s 2015 Customer Survey Results are in, and 2015 is our best year on record.

When asked the question, “What was your overall impression of your Murphy’s home?” 88.5% of Murphy’s guests rated their Murphy’s home “Excellent” or “Outstanding.”

2015 Survey Results

We have improved this measure five percent every year for the last three years; as long as this statistic has been tracked.

Charlie Bingham, Murphy’s General Manager commented: “We are delighted with these results. We are always evolving our service to reflect our client’s needs. During this period we have launched a mobile App, expanded the remit of our newly formed Guest Services team, launched our business in Dallas-Fort Worth and added a number of newly built Class A communities while remaining true to our core values. Constant improvement is one of those values and we are pleased to see that our clients continue to enjoy their experience with us.”

At Murphy’s Corporate Lodging, one of our Core Values is to engage proactive solutions, and to always be improving.