5 Reasons To Choose A Staycation

If you’re tired of staying at home and are ready for an adventure, you are not alone. Americans are increasingly choosing staycations over long and expensive vacations to get away and rejuvenate while still minding social distancing rules. For many the challenge becomes what they will do on vacation. The true beauty of it is that you can plan to do anything your heart desires. Before you shell out the big bucks for an over the top vacation that leaves your wallet empty, consider planning a staycation (or two) that will leave you feeling refreshed and protect your budget.

5 Reasons to Choose a Staycation

Staycations have become an increasingly popular phenomenon amongst Americans, especially for those who live close to big cities with a wide variety of fun activities to do. Don’t let the name fool you. A staycation is not a cop-out for a regular vacation—in fact, it can be a smarter way to increase your fun intake, help you get away from the stress of everyday life, and afford a great time. Five reasons to choose a staycation for yourself or the family may include:

  1. No long range transportation required. Being able to avoid long range transportation may sound like a simple benefit for having a staycation, but it comes with lots of perks. For starters, it can save you a bundle. If there is more than one of you participating in a staycation, you’re saving double on what you would have spent on an expensive airline or train ticket. Think of all the things you can use that money for instead. Avoiding airports and train stations can also save you commuting time that you can put toward enjoying a few fun activities.
  2. A vacation state of mind without all the hassles of travel can be more refreshing. You don’t have to let anyone know you are doing a staycation, after all, it is still a kind of vacation. Spend less time paying travel agents to coordinate your schedule and less money on transportation and instead focus on the rejuvenating effects of spending quality time away from your daily obligations.
  3. Stopping to smell the local roses. How many times have you passed that burger joint your friends have been raving about as you are rushing to get somewhere else? Use a staycation to do some of the things you’ve always wanted to do but never really seemed to have time for.
  4. You can choose between exploring the city, or doing nothing, or enjoy a combination of both. For some, a staycation can mean staying somewhere close by and not ever leaving. Think food delivery, lounging in your pajamas, and having quiet time all to yourself. For others, a staycation can mean an opportunity to explore their own city in a way they never have before. And if you are a combination of the first group and the latter, then you can custom design your own blend of activities when and how you want. A bonus of a staycation is customizing it to your own preferences.
  5. You may be able to get more for your money. Let’s face it, vacations to far off places can be expensive, and spending all that money on vacation may mean being able to do less while you’re there, whether it is going out to eat or taking in the night life. By doing a staycation instead, you are spending less on travel and more on the experience. Who knows? You might even be able to take two or three staycations for the price of one expensive vacation.

The Perks of Choosing a Corporate Apartment for Your Next Staycation

A key piece of planning a staycation can be finding the right lodging. To make the most of your getaway, it is important to choose lodging that will cater to your needs and provide a worry-free experience. Fully furnished corporate apartments can provide the ideal solution.

Some of the perks guests can enjoy on a staycation at a corporate apartment can include:

Free parking

Many of the hotels located in the heart of big cities that rely on tourism will likely charge you a parking fee for their parking garage or lot. If staying at that location for more than a day or so, those parking fees can quickly add up. Corporate apartments typically offer free parking, even those located in big cities.

Feels like home without the daily responsibilities

Corporate apartments are designed to make guests feel like they are at a home away from home in everything from comfortable furniture to spacious living areas.

Being spoiled

The furniture and décor for corporate apartments are often hand selected to create a luxurious interior design atmosphere that helps guests to feel as though they are being delightfully spoiled. Even the little details such as a small welcome basket filled with goodies are in place to make guests feel pampered and appreciated.

Modern technology

If you have your heart set on plopping down on the couch in front of a high definition wide screen tv, a corporate apartment should not disappoint. In most of these apartments there are at least two of these TVs, one in the bedroom and one in the main living area. High speed Wi-Fi is included, making streaming shows a breeze.

Laundry capabilities

When planning to enjoy a variety of activities, it is an added convenience to have access to a washer, dryer, iron, and ironing board inside your fully furnished apartment.

Use of a complex fitness center and pool

Although a hotel also gives guests access to a fitness center and swimming pool, those areas can often be busy and overrun. However, at a corporate apartment, many guests find the fitness area and pool to be far less crowded throughout the week.

Quiet atmosphere

In hotels, there are floors and floors of dozens of guests. You know because you can usually hear them going down the hall or getting on and off the elevator. However, at a corporate apartment, guests can have a greater degree of quiet and privacy, which can make staycations even more of a guilty pleasure.

Around the clock customer service

Even on a staycation, you want to feel taken care of. A reputable corporate lodging company will provide guests with around the clock customer service to better accommodate them.

With more than five reasons to choose a staycation, it is time to stop thinking and start doing. For more information about staycation lodging near you, please reach out to Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates to see how we can be of service.