5 Things to Take Advantage of Right Now With So Many Things Down

Much of the world is under a stay-at-home or shelter in place order amidst the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. With schools and businesses closing in an effort to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19, many of us find ourselves at a loss of just what to do inside the walls of our homes.

While initially our options may seem limited, there are still a number of ways to stay entertained. To effectively do this, consider a shift in your thinking from, “Where can I go and what can I do?” to “How can I make today beautiful?” This simple change in the way that we look at the hours in our day may help as we navigate our current climate.

5 Ways to Stay Busy Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

While finding things to do to keep us entertained at home can be challenging, it is not impossible. In fact, it may even be fun and give you and your loved ones something to look forward to.

Five ways to stay busy amidst the coronavirus pandemic may include:

Build physical and emotional strength through exercising

Exercising Inside - CorpLodge

Experts say that exercising can be a key way to keep the body moving when it is all too tempting to live a primarily sedentary lifestyle as we stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Turns out, exercising is thought to go beyond simply burning calories. In fact, daily exercise can also result in the release of endorphins which can help stabilize our mental and emotional health. No exercise equipment at home? No problem. Simply pull up an online video for a crash course in dozens of different types of exercise including yoga, dancing, Pilates, stretching, and more.

Embrace the great outdoors

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Though it is important to still keep a good distance of six feet between those you go outside with, as well as avoid parks or crowded gatherings, enjoying the outdoors is a fantastic activity to incorporate in a daily schedule. In addition to the vitamin D that sunshine can provide, being outside can give our morale a boost. Some great examples of outdoor activities that may work for you can include walking, running, and gardening. Even taking a book outside and reading can be a welcome change from staying indoors all day.

Lose yourself in someone else’s story via the movies at home

Family Watching Movies

Especially during times of trial, it can be important to have a safe escape from reality, such as movie watching. Many film companies are beginning to release some of their pictures early via subscription streaming services to help entertain moviegoers of almost every age. Make plans to watch an evening movie with those already in your home and take turns picking out the movie of the day.

Support a local restaurant by ordering delivery or takeout

Eating Takeout At Home - CorpLodge

Businesses across the nation are being forced to close, with restaurants having to rely on providing takeout and delivery just to keep their doors open. If you can safely do so, consider getting a meal from your favorite local restaurant delivered to your home. This small gesture may help a restaurant keep their doors open and keep you from having to use your groceries to cook another meal at home.

Plan future vacations

Planning A Future Vacation - CorpLodge

Research has shown it to be strongly advantageous for individuals to constantly have something to look forward to. At a time when most of us are stuck at home, what better way to spend our days than dreaming of a future vacation? If not a vacation, think about taking your family with you on your next corporate business trip so that even while you are working, the family can have a mini vacation.

Though many of us are confined to our homes for the time being, we still have the ability to do so much good to support our family, our local businesses, and our futures. Take this time to center yourself with exercise, the outdoors, movie and game nights, and planning for future vacation fun—and most of all, stay well!