Experience The Murphy’s Short Term Vacation Rentals Advantage!

Murphy’s is a national leader in luxury corporate lodging solutions, but we can also find the perfect short-term vacation rental for you and your friends or family. This option allows you to enjoy the comforts of home and the assurance that our dedicated staff will take good care of you on your holiday, qualities that you’ve come to expect from Murphy’s for your business travel. Have you thought about Murphy’s for your vacation lodging needs? Here are a few reasons you should. Take a look at some of the properties that we can offer you short term rentals in!

The Best Short Term Vacation Rentals

We recognize that our reputation is on the line every time we work with you. Our clients have the highest standards, and we do as well. Our clients expect excellence and efficiency, so that’s what we deliver. Whether you’re lodging with us for extended business travel or a weekend get-away, these are just some of the amenities you’ll find with each of our short term vacation rentals:

  • Free parking with every unit—Free onsite parking for maximum convenience.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen—Full-sized appliances, premium cookware, a complete range of utensils and our own housewares make preparing home cooked meals easy.
  • Welcome groceries—We can arrange to have basic groceries ready and waiting for your arrival.
  • Pet-friendly homes—Many of our properties are pet-friendly and have green spaces to walk your pet.
  • Regular housekeeping—Enjoy your vacation and leave the housekeeping to us.
  • 24-hour support—Reach out with any needs you have and our dedicated staff will be glad to help.
  • Large, flat-screen TV—You’ll find all of the most modern ports where you can plug in the device that connects you to the world.
  • King sized bed—Rest comfortably after a long day of sightseeing and exploring.
  • One all-inclusive price—No hidden fees, no upcharges, no hospitality taxes and no surprises.

So Much More than a Hotel!

People who travel often, whether for business or pleasure, already know the advantages and disadvantages of hotel stays. Sure, a lovely hotel can be nice for a night or two, but the room is designed to maximize the smallest possible area with often outdated furnishings and linens. It is by no means homey; it is a place to lay one’s head at the end of the day in a certain degree of comfort, dictated largely by its price.

A short term vacation rental offers much more. Instead of choosing just a room, how about a fully-furnished, luxurious apartment with a full kitchen, a washer and dryer, a spacious living area and fully-formed, separate bedrooms for you and the kids? How about two or three times the amount of square footage? How about half the cost of an upscale hotel? How about home-cooked meals instead of a long string of expensive, forgettable restaurant dishes? A hotel just can’t offer you a home, but that’s exactly what Murphy’s offers with short term vacation rentals—your home, for the duration of your holiday.

So Much Better than an Airbnb/HomeAway/VRBO!

Airbnb may find you a space in a less touristy part of town that has a lot of character, but if you’re looking for professionalism, comfort and certainty in your travel plans, a short term vacation rental will prevail every time. Why?


A Murphy’s short term vacation rental will give you the professionalism and service of a fine hotel with the setting and amenities of a local’s home because it is a local’s home—yours, for the duration of your stay. An Airbnb stay can be hit or miss in lots of different ways, but it is and will ever be, someone else’s home. With Murphy’s, from your first contact to your last, your needs will be met by an experienced professional who can guide you to the right place and make sure you have everything you need. Streamlined check-in/out, housekeeping, regular maintenance and 24-hour access to repairs and customer service are baseline components of all Murphy’s stays.


A Murphy’s rental comes fully stocked with everything you might need to live from the moment you step through the door. It’s designed to anticipate your needs and provide for your comfort, to give you a home away from home. This isn’t someone else’s home with their good things locked in a closet. It’s your home, ready and waiting for your arrival, with the good things set out for your enjoyment.

  • Space—An Airbnb is someone else’s space, and the reality of the space cannot be understood until it’s too late to change your mind. Murphy’s ensures high-quality linens and furnishings, a logical and spacious floor plan, and the types of amenities a professional might expect.
  • Appointments—You’ll walk in the door of a Murphy’s rental to a fully fitted kitchen with all of the tools you need to cook the way you like it. Expect complete sets of dishes and silverware and quality pots and pans.


Whatever your reason for traveling—vacation, family visit, work—you need to be able to rely on the lodging you researched, planned for and confirmed. When you show at the appointed hour, you want the unit ready and available so you can get on with the reason you came. If you choose a Murphy’s rental, all of that is guaranteed. With an Airbnb, you are at the owner’s mercy with no dependable alternative in sight.