Murphy’s Corporate Lodge Gets ASAP Quality Accreditation

ASAP Accredited LogoAmericans are racking up an estimated four hundred million business trips per year, making corporate travel a vital and thriving part of the hospitality industry.  With the number of annual business trips on the rise, clients are searching out high-quality, worry-free temporary housing experiences to enhance their travels.  Murphy’s Corporate Lodging’s status as an Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) Quality Accreditation Member provides their guests with exactly that.

The ASAP Quality Accreditation Program was established in 2014 to help assign a global standard of excellence.  It is renowned for its leading global quality assessment, recognition, and accreditation system for the hospitality industry in areas such as serviced apartments, corporate housing, and executive suites.  This universal high standard of excellence allows travelers to book their stay with confidence at an ASAP accredited property regardless of its location across the globe.

As fully furnished corporate apartments become a favorite for up and coming business professionals, this selective world renowned accreditation postures Murphy’s Corporate Lodging to be a preferred lodging contender.

Becoming an ASAP Quality Accredited Program Member is a rigorous process for providers that can take months of preparation and days of thorough onsite audits of apartments and business processes.  The program is detailed and thorough to ensure that ASAP Quality Accredited members can:

  • Meet or exceed roughly 250 service quality, regulatory, and safety criteria
  • Comply with key legal, statutory, and health and safety requirements
  • Deliver quality guest experiences
  • Adhere to best industry experiences
  • Meet annual recertification criteria

For more than forty-seven years Murphy’s Corporate Lodging has built its business based on the motto, “Valuing people drives us.  Service defines us.”  As a new member of the ASAP Quality Accreditation Program, Murphy’s is proud to offer corporate travelers a consistently high standard of customer service and care year after year.

For detailed information on the ASAP Quality Accreditation Program visit HERE.