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At Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates we have endured difficult challenges such as recessions and natural disasters like hurricanes and floods. Many of these events have impacted both our business and our staff, but we have collectively persevered by controlling what we can, primarily our ability to create a company culture of positivity as noted in our core values:

  • Be welcoming and engaging to all
  • Remain client focused
  • Do the right thing
  • Utilize proactive problem solving
  • Be result driven
  • Have fun

Our core values have been the key to remaining positive throughout every challenge we have endured. It has served us well and still continues to do so as we approach our 50 year anniversary of being in the business. Depending on our circumstances, fun can sometimes feel like the last thing we want to embrace. But, fun can be as simple as taking a picture of your mask.

Since masks have become a norm in our daily lives we want embrace it and have some fun with it. So from July 1-15th we want you to send us pictures of you in your mask! The more creative, the better! The more it matches your shirt, the better! The more bedazzled it is, the better!

How to enter: 

  • Click on our chat box at the bottom right hand corner.
  • Enter in your name and email to start the chat.
  • Attach a picture of you in your mask.

You can only enter M-F (8am-5pm) when our chat is active.

Winner will be contacted by email on the 20th of July.


1st Place- Echo Dot

2nd Place- Murphy’s Sherpa Throw

3rd Place- Murphy’s 16oz Mug

Good luck and contact us if you have any questions! 

Contact-Free Meet and Greet

Meet and Greets are of great value as it is an easy no hassle way for the guest to gain access to the apartment community and locate their apartment.  As we continue to decrease the spread of COVID-19, Murphy’s has taken precautions to improve guest and employee health and safety.  We have instituted a Contact-Free Meet and Greet and have outlined the guidelines below.

  1. Murphy’s asks that only one guest meet our representative during the meet and greet. 
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Murphy’s will use PPE during the meet and greet process.  Murphy’s will also offer the guest complementary PPE (face mask and gloves) as an added safety precaution.  
  3. During the Contact- Free Meet and Greet, Murphy’s will be following these protocols: 
    1. Prior to the guest arrival – Murphy’s will arrive at the apartment, unlock the apartment door and disinfect the keys and touch points on the apartment door. 
    2. Guest Arrival- Murphy’s will escort/show the guest where the elevator is located and allow the guest to proceed to their apartment floor in the elevator alone.  
    3. Murphy’s will meet the guest on their floor level and continue to lead the guest to their apartment.
    4.  Murphy’s will always maintain a 6-foot distance. 

To schedule a meet and greet:

  • Fill out a form: Contact Us
  • “Leave us a message” at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • We are available by chat Monday-Friday (8-5).
  • Call us at: 800-845-1574
  • Email us at:

The Top 7 Benefits of Choosing a Furnished Apartment for Space to Work

While having a place to step away to during the day can provide a welcome change of scenery and a feeling of routine, there are many benefits to choosing a corporate apartment for space to work. The top seven benefits to working from a corporate apartment during the coronavirus quarantine may include:

1. Quiet atmosphere

Between the dogs barking, the neighbor children screaming in backyard, and the music blaring from the other room, a quiet atmosphere can be hard to come by at home. A corporate apartment may provide individuals with more peace and quiet.

2. Time to yourself

For those with roommates or family at home, time to yourself can be hard to come by, even if it is just in the bathroom. Murphy’s corporate apartments have multi-room units that allow guests to have some peace and quiet so they can work and relax effectively.

3. More space to spread out and work.

At a corporate apartment, there is no need to safeguard your laptop from someone else spilling orange juice at the table. Guests have the freedom to work when and where they would like within the apartment without interference or mishaps.

4. High speed internet all to yourself.

Families of three or more that are all utilizing the internet at the same time for work and school can take a toll on the internet speed. Guests of Murphy’s can enjoy high speed internet designed for the business minded.

5. Not falling behind on work due to in-person interruptions from housemates and pets.

No more worries about your four-year-old wandering into your makeshift office while you’re on a video conference call with your boss or clients.

6. Re-establishing a daily routine.

It can feel empowering to get back into a normal daily routine in which you are going to a new location for the purpose of working.

7. Refreshed state of mental health.

Having a space of your own to diligently work without interruption or inconvenience may help contribute to a more refreshed state of mental health, for yourself and those waiting for you back at home.

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates caters to business executives and has a unique understanding of what it takes to help them feel comfortable and be successful away from home. By speaking with a company representative about your business preferences, we can place you at one of our many locations that is most convenient for you.

Be kind to yourself and those you live with by considering the advantages of working from a corporate apartment so you can continue being productive without the stresses home can bring during a quarantine.

What You Thought Working From Home Would Be Like vs. Reality

The coronavirus pandemic has changed what daily life looks like for many of us in the United States, most notably how we work. Many Americans work for businesses that are now asking their employees to work from home. Normally, working from home would sound like a dream, but with the added chaos of sheltering inside the home all day every day with roommates, family, children, and pets, having enough focus to effectively work from home can be challenging.

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates offers a plausible work solution via fully furnished apartments across many Texas cities. During the coronavirus quarantine, these upscale apartments can also function as a work office outside the home.

Challenges of Working From Home During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Working from home has become a new normal for many in recent weeks. The switch to working at home instead of the office, especially for those without a home office, is often a significant adjustment that comes with a number of challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Finding a space inside the home that is free of human and pet interruptions
  • Obtaining privacy for conference and video calls
  • Establishing a designated work area that is not disturbed
  • Obtaining high speed internet capable of handling the entire household’s online activities
  • Feeling distracted
  • Experiencing feelings of frustration

Most of these challenges are rooted in the sudden change of environment from the office or field, to working from home. While the corporate setting is designed to help employees work effectively from office supplies to quiet workspaces to computer and internet capabilities, many homes are not.

Benefits of Furnished Corporate Apartments as a Quarantine Workspace

Individuals in search of a more businesslike atmosphere catering to executives may find that respite in a corporate apartment. While these apartments are typically designed for business executives working in a different city, during the COVID-19 quarantine, these spaces may also effectively double as a designated workspace.

By securing a corporate apartment for work, individuals can utilize this fully furnished space complete with a bedroom, bathroom, living area, washer/dryer, and kitchen for daily work hours, late night work hours, or even for entire days or weeks at a time. This change in environment may help employees to be more focused and productive without the constant distractions of home.

Contact us at info@corplodge or call us at 800.845.1574 for more space!

Thank You Jennifer!



Thank You Jennifer 

In 2020, Female CEOs remain rare.

But at Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates, it’s the way of the world. According to the BI Norwegian Business School women naturally rank higher in their abilities to innovate and lead with clarity and impact.

“If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” – Margaret Thatcher

Meet our CEO, Jennifer Dillard.

Jennifer drives a customer-first approach through every detail of the Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates experience. Her commitment to delivering apartments that guests want to call home has brought continued success to Murphy’s and its clients over her 20-year career with the company.

Since joining Murphy’s in 1995 to launch its first outside sales team, Jennifer has brought an unwavering focus on client care and employee development to the company. These factors have been instrumental in Murphy’s growth across Texas and in the company’s ability to support clients in other cities, both domestically and abroad.

Jennifer began her career studying fashion design and moved into retail sales, which allowed her to learn firsthand that quality is found in the details. Whether she’s personally testing new housewares in her home to ensure they meet Murphy’s standards, mentoring the sales team, or supporting clients, Jennifer is truly invested in Murphy’s success.

Congratulations to Jennifer for her 25 years of dedication to Murphy’s Corporate Lodging. Thank you Jennifer for creating such a harmonious culture in the work place that is filled with laughter, encouragement, positivity, and dogs. 

-Murphy’s Staff 


Say Yes To Dallas!

Sarah Parker (Dallas Sales Manager) was a guest panelist at the Dallas Regional Chamber for the Say Yes To Dallas campaign on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates industry expert Sarah Parker spoke about best practices for intern housing programs as well as the benefits and drawbacks of company paid vs. stipend housing programs. She discussed how the expertise of a trusted corporate housing provider can contribute to better overall housing experience for students. This can be done though the selection of properties in ideal locations that are close to the students work location, while also offering amenities, access to dining, and transit options.

Sarah explained that typically a corporate housing provider should source multiple options with properties that reflect the company culture and that meet the goals of the internship program. She noted that it is important to outline the amenities at each community, upcoming events around the metroplex, modes of transportation and areas of interest for the corporate client.

Sarah also described the flexibility corporate hosing companies can provide for roommate paring and the cost savings this could have. Last, she mentioned that intern retention could benefit when students are able to connect with their roommates outside of the office environment.

The panel consisted of 2 other speakers and a facilitator/moderator.

Facilitator: Mary Beth Nitz – Vice President, Global Consulting Services Altair Global

Panel speaker: Melody Lennox – Vice President of Operatsions, Axxess

Jared Fitzpatrick – Human Resources, Federal Reserve Bank Dallas

The event was presented by BGStaffing and Altrair Global

Executive Apartments In The Las Colinas Area Of Dallas

In the past, traveling for business meant long days or weeks away from home in a nondescript hotel room working all day and late into the night, with only greasy takeout to look forward to.  Today’s modern business executive desires a more comprehensive traveling experience that efficiently combines business and pleasure.  Home to numerous Fortune 500 companies, vast entertainment options, and superior dining, the master-planned urban center of Las Colinas near Dallas is the new blueprint for urban living and offers the ultimate corporate travel experience.

A twelve thousand acre corporate and residential development, Las Colinas is located northwest of Dallas and north of Irving proper.  It has enchanted visitors earning it, as part of Irving, a place on the “Top 50 Places To Live” by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Las Colinas Dallas

Las Colinas is considered to be the largest office park in Texas, boasting a daytime population of 130,000 that largely inhabit the 26.5 million square feet of office space and 1.3 million square feet of retail space.  Amongst some of the beautiful buildings of the cityscape are the offices of Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, Bank of America, ExxonMobil, Kimberly-Cark, Microsoft, and so many more.

The city’s proximity to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is a huge draw for traveling executives.  Approximately fifteen minutes from downtown Dallas and twenty minutes from Fort Worth, Las Colinas is also close to the area’s two major airports, DFW Airport and Dallas Love Field.  The newly built Dallas Area Rapid Transit Orange Line directly connects Las Colinas with downtown Dallas, DFW Airport, and many other high traffic areas.

But don’t let this corporate-friendly city fool you into thinking they are all business and no play.  Tucked away into the heart of this business culture is a thriving residential community.  The development has more than fifty small lakes, seventeen miles of canals and waterways, ten miles of riverside hiking and biking trails, public and private parks, museums, and colleges.

Corporate Apartments in Las Colinas

Corporate apartments can be one of the most efficient, personable, and luxurious ways to travel for business.  In a fast-growing urban area such as Las Colinas, there is no shortage of these accommodations, making the next step to find the right corporate apartment for your specific needs simple and stress-free.AMLI Executive Apartments In Dallas

Corporate housing companies have become a preferable option largely because of their flexible lease terms for relatively short-term assignments.  Although this type of temporary housing is available through larger companies for a minimum of one night, it is more often utilized for stays of two days or much longer.

When choosing a corporate apartment, location is absolutely key.  Look for corporate housing that is in close proximity to the office so you can avoid spending needless time in traffic.  Yet it is equally important to choose somewhere nearby to restaurants and entertainment so you don’t spend evenings alone and stuck indoors.  If staying in Las Colinas, corporate apartment complexes like Amli Campion Trail, Jefferson Las Colinas, and Crest Las Colinas are located fairly close to Lake Carolyn, as well as corporate and entertainment venues.

Access to transportation is a must for the business executive staying for a week or longer.   Las Colinas corporate apartments are approximately fifteen minutes away from downtown Dallas and the rail system is available for this transit.  The same convenient rail system connects Las Colinas with DFW Airport, making flying in and out of the area a breeze.

Because of the largely business culture of Las Colinas, their corporate apartments are very much tailored to a traveling executive’s needs.  The primary goal of executive housing is to provide a worry-free and custom experience for guests that they can count on and look forward to with every stay.

Most corporate apartment chains will offer basic amenities such as a fully-furnished apartment and full-kitchen as well as standard utilities and housekeeping.  Having a fully furnished apartment makes it comfortable and roomy enough to entertain friends or colleagues, while a full kitchen is a necessary luxury for those traveling with limiting dietary restrictions.

Larger corporate apartment facilities may offer some irresistible deluxe amenities for the executive on the go.  Around the clock guest services are particularly helpful to the executive keeping late hours who realizes they forgot to pack their toothbrush.  Personalized business services are available for executives needing additional access to onsite technologies and can be tailored for special projects if need be. Limited grocery service is another guest favorite.  Guests catching the red-eye into town are grateful to have their living quarters stocked with just a few of the basics needed until they can find time to provide those on their own.

Choose an executive housing company that advises you about more than just apartment amenities.  Staff should be well versed in a number of nearby entertainment and dining options that improve the overall quality of your stay in Las Colinas.

Outdoor Activities On Lake Carolyn

Lake Carolyn is a popular retreat for busy executives with approximately 125 acres that act as a refreshing natural oasis from the pressures of a stressful day.  It’s gorgeous, calm waters make the lake a main attraction for those wanting to escape into nature for an hour or two.Las Colinas Dallas

Private gondola rides on Lake Carolyn are a favorite for Las Colinas visitors.  Several companies offer private cruises through the venetian-style Mandalay Canals.  For those traveling with a loved one, many of those private gondola rides can be transformed into a dinner cruise for two, complete with soft blankets, comfortable pillows, and romantic serenades provided by your guide as you glide by magnificent waterfalls and under striking foot bridges.

Public lake cruises and paddle boat rentals are also available for those wanting to take in the beauty of the lake.  In order to keep this environment pristine and serene for all who enjoy it, no private boating, fishing, or swimming is permitted on Lake Carolyn.

A charming sidewalk of approximately three miles hugs the perimeter of the lake, permitting visitors to appreciate the scenery while strolling amongst gorgeous office buildings, quaint shops, fine restaurants, and more residential areas.

Las Colinas Entertainment and Night Life

While there is no shortage of entertainment in Las Colinas, including shopping, dining, the arts, and comedy, perhaps the new crown jewel of the area is the Toyota Music Factory complex.

Toyota Music Factory

They say everything is bigger in Texas and Toyota Music Factory is no exception.  It is one of the most vast and sprawling entertainment venues in the country, with a variety of restaurants and bars that are a favorite for domestic and international guests alike.  The 250,000 square foot development features an 8,000 person capacity for an indoor amphitheater that can quickly convert into an outdoor amphitheater.

The massive complex includes The Pavilion and The Lottery Plaza.  The Pavilion is a four thousand seat theater that can be converted into a more intimate 2,500 seat theater for special occasions.  The Lottery Plaza is an outdoor fifty thousand square foot event plaza utilized for live music, fashion shows, food festivals, and farmers markets.  The Toyota Music Factory is the perfect place to unwind with colleagues or friends.

Perhaps one of the biggest draws of The Toyota Music Factory is Big Beat Dallas, an open-air plaza home to a nightclub and several outstanding restaurants.  Big Beat Dallas is the largest tenant in the complex, and its founder is none other than Billy Bob Barnett of Fort Worth’s wildly successful Billy Bob’s Texas.  Martini Ranch nightclub features a large dance floor and bar area.  The four restaurants of Big Beat Dallas include Bar Manzanilla, Highway 61 South, Texas Jam House, and Texas C-Bar.  Bar Manzanilla offers primarily Latin cuisine as well as a variety of cocktails.  With blues music playing softly in the background, Highway 61 South serves authentic Texas BBQ.  Texas Jam House is open twenty-four hours a day and is known for their down home southern dishes.  Texas C-Bar is an upscale steakhouse known for its amazing scotch whiskey offerings and jazz music.

A few more draws at Toyota Music Factory include Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater and Thirsty Lion Gastropub.  Alamo Drafthouse Movie Theater plays the latest and greatest on seven screens for movie connoisseurs that enjoy wine, draft beer, cocktails and a wide range of savory snacks and entrees while at the cinema.  Thirsty Lion Gastropub offers homemade, from scratch cooking paired perfectly with local craft beers and cocktails that can be enjoyed while watching a game or relaxing on the outdoor patio.

Las Colinas is one of the fastest growing, up and coming urban areas in the nation.  With roots in corporate culture, the city is refreshingly home to decidedly residential amenities of jogging and hiking trails and lake life.  Local entertainment is simply unparalleled in scope and experience.  The city of Las Colinas vibrates with an energy all its own and proudly welcomes visitors from all over the world.

How Can Professionals Traveling With Pets Find Corporate Lodging?

Can corporate apartments accommodate executives traveling with pets?

Those traveling with pets will be glad to know that there are corporate apartments available that can accommodate them. The best way to find pet-friendly units is to work with a company that specializes in corporate lodging solutions.

How can a corporate lodging company help pet owners?

These companies will have access to a comprehensive array of properties that will make the stay ideal for both you and your pet. Here are some examples of how they can help. Continue reading “How Can Professionals Traveling With Pets Find Corporate Lodging?”

Alara Uptown Open House

Join Us for a Tour of Alara Uptown and and See Why Our Clients Recommend Us

We take great pride in our furnished, Class A apartments, and we’d love to have you over for a sweet social and quick tour of the residence. Would you have time on July 26th between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to join us for an open house that is close to your office?

Most of our clients just don’t realize how much nicer our apartments are compared to a hotel or extended stay suite, so we like to hold open houses so that you get a sense of the much larger space, home-like amenities, and 24/7 guest care.

Email us directly to reserve your space for this no-cost event.

July 26th, 2018
Time: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Address: Alara Uptown
2990 Blackburn St, Dallas, TX 75204

AMLI Campion Trail Open House

Join Us for a Tour of AMLI Campion Trail and and See Why Our Clients Recommend Us

We take great pride in our furnished, Class A apartments, and we’d love to have you over for a sweet social and quick tour of the residence. Would you have time on July 25th between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. to join us for an open house that is close to your office?

Most of our clients just don’t realize how much nicer our apartments are compared to a hotel or extended stay suite, so we like to hold open houses so that you get a sense of the much larger space, home-like amenities, and 24/7 guest care.

Email us directly to reserve your space for this no-cost event.

July 25th, 2018
Time: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Address: AMLI Campion Trail
777 Lake Carolyn Parkway, Irving, TX 75039