Murphy’s Corporate Lodging Receives CHPA Accreditation!

A Corporate Housing Providers Association Accreditation, or CHPA Accreditation, is considered to be a gold standard for the corporate lodging industry. To receive this particular designation is not easy and requires years of tireless professionalism, industry engagement, sound financial policies, and excellent service. Murphy’s Corporate Lodging is honored to receive the 2019 CHPA Accreditation so their clients can have confidence in the corporate housing provider, as well as the lodging experience itself.

CHPA Accredited Corporate Lodging Company Continue reading “Murphy’s Corporate Lodging Receives CHPA Accreditation!”

The Demand For Corporate Housing In Houston Is High!

With an estimated twenty-two Fortune 500 companies calling the city home for their headquarters, corporate housing in Houston is booming. Annually, thousands of business travelers from all over the world come to Houston to be a part of the city’s flourishing high dollar industries such as aeronautics, energy, healthcare and manufacturing, and their trips will likely require corporate temporary housing. Continue reading “The Demand For Corporate Housing In Houston Is High!”

The Demand For Corporate Apartments In Austin Is On The Rise!

The demand for an Austin corporate apartment amongst up and coming business professionals is growing by leaps and bounds thanks in large part to the city’s growing business community. In fact, Austin is considered to be one of Texas’ and the nation’s top cities in terms of startup companies. In addition to this distinction, the city is also home to a number of businesses that there were rated by a popular online platform as having some of the best ratings for company culture and work environment. With designations like these, it is not hard to see why Austin is hosting hundreds of business travelers each year. Continue reading “The Demand For Corporate Apartments In Austin Is On The Rise!”

Top Five Things to Look For in Furnished One Bedroom Apartments

Americans are traveling more than ever before when it comes to domestic business travel, which is why furnished one bedroom apartments for rent are in high demand. Some larger states such as Texas may have an even higher need for these units, with highly populated, business centered cities such as Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Regardless of where you travel, the common denominator for multi-day business travels is the need for corporate lodging. While there are a number of lodging options available, especially in larger cities, planning your stay at furnished one bedroom apartments for rent is ideal and feels more like a home away from home.

Top Five Things to Look For in Furnished One Bedroom Apartments

Looking for corporate lodging in cities as large as Houston, Austin, and San Antonio can be overwhelming if you are not sure where to start. To help with your search, consider these five things to look for in furnished one bedroom apartments for rent:

  1. Corporate Lodging Company Affiliation. Finding furnished apartments for rent in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio are often most easily facilitated by a corporate lodging provider that knows the area well and can help direct traveling executives to the best property to meet their specific needs.
  2. Location. A business traveler’s temporary housing location is one of the most important considerations. Be sure to choose a location that is close in proximity to your temporary office as well as multiple dining and entertainment options. Good strategy for finding the perfect lodging location should allow for a minimal commute and a variety of nearby activities and attractions.
  3. Amenities. One of the perks of corporate lodging is the amenities. Corporate apartments are located in Class A communities and feature fully furnished units with updated decor, up to date technology, kitchens that are fully stocked with all needed appliances, utensils, dishes and cookware, and typically offer access to a pool, a barbeque area and a workout room. Many also offer business centers, which are ideal for collaboration with coworkers.
  4. Privacy. Staying in corporate lodging may afford guests a higher degree of privacy than that which they would find at a busy hotel. On average, the property tends to be fairly quiet out of respect for other guests.
  5. Customer Service. To make the most of your business trip, book your stay at furnished one bedroom apartments for rent with a corporate lodging company that has top notch customer service. The staff should be friendly, helpful, and possess a wealth of knowledge about the city you are staying in.

Finding Furnished One Bedroom Apartments for Rent in Houston, Austin and San Antonio

Texas is the country’s largest state, lending itself to the adage that everything really is bigger in Texas, including business. A number of Fortune 500 companies have a base or headquarters located in the major cities of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio.

Each of these cities have downtown hubs as well as adjacent areas that are widely considered business districts. When combined, the cities can cover hundreds of square miles, making finding the perfect location for furnished apartments a necessity.

Business travelers headed to Houston often find that business takes them to Downtown, Midtown, the Energy Corridor in west Houston, Houston Galleria, The Woodlands in northwest Houston, and the Texas Medical Center. With each of these areas being home to a variety of businesses, there are a number of furnished one bedroom apartments for rent nearby.

The central Texas town of Austin is another common destination for business trips. With the state capital and a large university being located here, downtown is a frequently visited part of the city.  Another growing part of the city where business flourishes is on the north side of town and is often referred to as The Domain.

For executives planning business trip to the San Antonio area in southwest Texas, there are several key business districts in town. Many business travelers will find themselves in the heart of downtown San Antonio, the north side, and the northwest side close to La Cantera.

By working closely with a corporate lodging company that specializes in helping their clients find furnished one bedroom apartments for rent, you can simplify the process and focus on the business before you.

Find Furnished Apartments Using A Corporate Lodging Provider

Find Furnished Apartments Nationwide

Whatever your reason for traveling—business, vacation, family obligation or retreat—and for however long, furnished apartments will always be preferable over hotel rooms. This goes a long way in explaining the recent boom in short-term home rentals. But people don’t always think to reserve a furnished apartment instead of the more predictable alternatives, and they are missing out. Murphy’s Corporate lodging provides guests with key advantages that neither hotels nor vacation rentals can, advantages that savvy travelers have leveraged for years. Those looking to find furnished apartments can reap the benefits when working with a company that specializes in Class A properties.

What can those trying to find furnished apartments expect when working with a corporate lodging specialist?

  • Comfort

Corporate apartments are designed to stand in for home, so they are loaded with all its comforts. A fully stocked kitchen with all appliances and utensils needed to prepare a home-cooked meal, a bedroom separate from the living area, plenty of space to relax, a real full-sized closet, technology adaptable to your own, premium furniture chosen for comfort as well as efficiency, professional decor and multiple bedrooms, if required, await you with a level of privacy and security that a hotel or AirBNB just can’t provide. It’s your home for the duration of your visit, so you can live here, not just stay here.


  • Convenience

Open the door, step inside and you’re home. Unpack, put your things where you like, and relax in your premium furnishings. Do your laundry when you want without having to leave your apartment. You won’t be digging around for the mismatched, cheap set of silverware left over from a stranger’s college days while the good stuff is locked away; the amenities in your home were chosen by decorators to serve your needs. Quality pots and pans, sheets and towels and beds, chairs and a comfortable sofa are what you’ll have in your home away from home.

  • Cost

Have you ever looked closely at a hotel or vacation rental bill? You probably had questions about fees you never agreed to and taxes that often add 20% to what you thought you’d pay. When you work with a corporate lodging specialist to find a furnished apartment, you’re essentially paying rent, so the price you’re quoted is what you will pay. No surprises. No “hospitality” taxes. No added gym fees. No utility bills. No parking fees. No mini-fridge fees. No laundry costs or room service, and no gratuities, resort fees or phantom surcharges. Just what you agreed to pay upfront. Hotels and vacation rentals cannot match the price of a furnished apartment in the first place, and they certainly can’t compete in the fine print.


Corporate lodging specialists offer professional 24-hour service to handle any need you have, including unexpected repairs. The concierge is available to help arrange or rearrange aspects of your stay. The convenient app will check you in and out and point you to restaurants and other services nearby. Your needs are a priority, and an in-house team of experienced personnel and your corporate contact stand ready to assist you. The company can arrange housekeeping when you want, as often as you want. A team of travel experts will help you save money and facilitate collaboration.


Let’s face it—plans can unexpectedly change. It isn’t convenient for anyone involved, but transportation fails, work projects end with no warning or expand indefinitely, and life is just unpredictable. When the stress of these things happen, your lodging should be the least of your concerns. A reputable specialist understands that things happen outside of anyone’s control, and the team will bend to accommodate your changing plans. That level of flexibility simply isn’t available with other lodging options.

When trying to find furnished apartments, work with a company that promises and delivers professionalism, luxury and certainty for the best experience possible.

Serviced Apartments Beat A Short Term Stay Hotel Every Time!

Today business executives and professionals are traveling more frequently than ever for corporate ventures. Whether driving only a city or two away or flying to the opposite coast for work, travelers want to make corporate traveling as seamless as possible. One foundational way to elevate the business traveling experience is by securing a home base or temporary lodging that offers a relaxing and worry-free experience. To achieve this atmosphere, business professionals are increasingly turning to the luxurious offerings and privacy of serviced apartments.

What are serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments are fully furnished and equipped temporary housing option for business executives and professionals. These apartments have all the typical comforts of home like a bedroom, living area, washer and dryer, and fully equipped kitchen. In addition to these basic accommodations, renters can expect additional conveniences such as housekeeping services and general utilities.

In general, serviced apartments are becoming a more popular corporate lodging option amongst today’s business executives because they are geared specifically toward the business community. Although these apartments can be available for shorter stays, an extended stay option is particularly attractive to corporate travelers that are gone for weeks at a time, as typically the longer they stay, the more cost-effective the apartment becomes.

What amenities do serviced apartments offer?

Serviced apartments are at the top of most corporate travelers’ lists for a reason; they seem to be a step above the rest in terms of commitment to the customer and beat a hotel room hands down! A reputable corporate housing locator will cater to the guest in any way that they can to ensure their guest’s stay is as enjoyable and worry-free as possible.

When choosing to stay in a serviced apartment for work travel, business executives can generally expect:

    • Fully furnished apartments: These living areas not only feature the essentials required of a bedroom, living area, and kitchen, but they are warmly decorated to make the space feel more like home. This cozy atmosphere allows guests to truly relax and feel comfortable enough to grab a snack from the kitchen and put their feet up after a long day’s work.
    • Fully equipped kitchen: After donuts for breakfast and takeout for lunch at the office, some business executives crave something smaller and more healthy for dinner that won’t add to the waistline. A fully stocked kitchen complete with all of the essentials allows guests to store groceries and cook for themselves if so desired. This feature is particularly helpful to traveling executives with dietary restrictions or food allergies. In some cases, serviced apartments provide optional, limited grocery delivery service for those too busy at the office to get to the grocery store or stock their fridge.Furnished Business Apartment In Houston


    • Hi-tech and business-friendly atmosphere: Serviced apartments should come with updated electronics, plenty of area to work, and complimentary wireless internet. Corporate lodging sees these perks as nonnegotiable, as many of their guests bring work home from the office with them. If given enough advance warning, some corporate housing facilities will do all that they can to accommodate any special work-related technology requests.
    • Leisure activities: For it to truly feel like home, every traveler deserves access to at least one space for some much-needed leisure and relaxation. Corporate serviced apartments generally offer a luxurious pool space, state of the art exercise facilities, and sometimes a general gathering area such as a snack bar or game room.
    • Housekeeping: Because work doesn’t wait, guests are often on the go, which leaves little time for housekeeping. While hotel housekeeping generally consists of delivering new sheets and towels, this amenity for serviced apartments includes clean linens, along with straightening and cleaning various rooms within the apartment. Many guests find kitchen housekeeping a particular bonus.
    • No added utilities: When renting a serviced apartment, the renter’s basic utilities are usually included in the rental agreement. This keeps tenants from having to worry about the large loads of laundry they had to do mid-week or that they ran the dishwasher multiple times during their stay. For an added convenience, guests can take full advantage of a private washer and dryer in the unit.

 Why stay at serviced apartments?

Traveling for work can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be.  By choosing a reputable corporate housing provider that offers serviced apartments, business travelers can be confident that they will receive the same excellent customer service and corporate lodging experience every time.

Serviced apartments feel uniquely like home because they are so much more than just sleeping quarters. With a kitchen, dining area, living area and a separate bedroom, this type of temporary housing has all the comforts of home. The amount of space in an apartment gives a tenant a wide expanse of space to spread work out on the dining table, but still have plenty of room for lounging in the main living area. For travelers with friends or family in town, an apartment even allows for plenty of space to host a small get together complete with a home cooked meal thanks to the full kitchen.

When traveling away from home and after being at the office all day, many business professionals prefer a quiet atmosphere to come home to that allows maximum privacy. As a general rule, serviced apartments are geared toward traveling executives who appreciate solace and often keep similar hours.  Because of this commonality amongst clientele, guests generally do not have to worry about the disturbing noises of other guests coming in late at night or running down the hallways.

Location is absolutely key when traveling for work. Most serviced apartments are located within a variety of upscale neighborhoods that provide business traveler with close proximity to work.  In addition, the serviced apartment specialist will be able to advise guests about nearby transportation, top rated entertainment, delicious dining options, and local events.

Murphy’s Corporate Lodging, Inc. Awarded ASAP Quality Accreditation

HOUSTON, TX – Murphy’s Corporate Lodging Inc. has qualified for the Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) Quality Accreditation.  This program is recognized as the leading global quality assessment, recognition, and accreditation system for serviced apartments, corporate housing, and executive suites within the hospitality industry.  “Since 1972, our company’s motto has been ‘Valuing people drives us.  Service defines us.’  To now be recognized as an ASAP Quality Accreditation Program Member is a testament to our corporate culture of putting the client first,” said Jennifer Dillard, CEO. Continue reading “Murphy’s Corporate Lodging, Inc. Awarded ASAP Quality Accreditation”

Murphy’s Corporate Lodge Gets ASAP Quality Accreditation

ASAP Accredited LogoAmericans are racking up an estimated four hundred million business trips per year, making corporate travel a vital and thriving part of the hospitality industry.  With the number of annual business trips on the rise, clients are searching out high-quality, worry-free temporary housing experiences to enhance their travels.  Murphy’s Corporate Lodging’s status as an Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) Quality Accreditation Member provides their guests with exactly that.

The ASAP Quality Accreditation Program was established in 2014 to help assign a global standard of excellence.  It is renowned for its leading global quality assessment, recognition, and accreditation system for the hospitality industry in areas such as serviced apartments, corporate housing, and executive suites.  This universal high standard of excellence allows travelers to book their stay with confidence at an ASAP accredited property regardless of its location across the globe. Continue reading “Murphy’s Corporate Lodge Gets ASAP Quality Accreditation”

Murphy’s Corporate Lodging Expands Austin Offerings for Businesses

HOUSTON, TX – Murphy’s Corporate Lodging is pleased to announce additional corporate housing options in Austin, TX, including The Domain and the Downtown Areas.

“Murphy’s is increasing our footprint in the Austin market to address our current and future client’s travel and relocations needs, from traveling corporate executives to those relocating to one of the fastest growing cities in Texas,” said Jennifer Dillard, CEO. Continue reading “Murphy’s Corporate Lodging Expands Austin Offerings for Businesses”

We Have ADA Accessible Corporate Apartments!

Traveling for business can be challenging, but for those who need ADA accommodations, there is a whole secondary set of arrangements that have to be planned for.  Selecting a corporate lodging provider that can address those needs help to make long term stay business trips stress-free.

ADA accessibility is not mandatory in private dwellings, meaning apartments and houses, unlike a hotel. This makes choosing a hotel often the reflexive choice just because it is simpler. However, many corporate housing providers realize the need for ADA accessible apartments and are able to accommodate the request and provide first-class accommodations. Additionally, with the right corporate housing solution partner, the frustration of finding ADA accessible units is reduced.

ADA Accessible Corporate Apartment

Corporate accommodations with ADA accessibility feature upscale, high-end furnishings, modern décor, full kitchens, all-inclusive utilities, Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions, on-staff housekeeping services, and more than enough space. Continue reading “We Have ADA Accessible Corporate Apartments!”