Murphy’s Corporate Lodging Is The Ideal Solution For Doctors and Nurses Arriving In Houston For COVID-19 Response

As the positive numbers of coronavirus cases continue to go up in Texas and medical professionals mobilize to help with relief efforts, corporate housing is the ideal solution for doctors and nurses arriving in Houston for COVID-19 response. Murphy’s Corporate Lodging provides fully furnished corporate apartments specifically designed to make your stay with us as safe, comfortable, and as relaxing as possible. Continue reading “Murphy’s Corporate Lodging Is The Ideal Solution For Doctors and Nurses Arriving In Houston For COVID-19 Response”

Accentuating the Positive During a Pandemic

A global pandemic can be challenging, but accentuating the positive during a pandemic could change how you cope with those challenges. Positive thinking has been shown to link to higher levels of happiness and decreased levels of anxiety. As a company, Murphy’s Corporate Lodging weaves positivity into our core values and everyday practices, and now we are here to help you as we navigate the uncharted waters of the coronavirus pandemic together while embracing the power of positive thinking. Continue reading “Accentuating the Positive During a Pandemic”

What Are Serviced Apartments And What Amenities Come With Them?

Travel has become a staple for business in the twenty-first century which has many business executives in need of lodging when traveling for work. Increasingly, business travelers are turning to serviced apartments for a more personalized and comfortable experience. Whether you travel once a year or several times a month, staying at a serviced apartment may be a welcome change from other alternatives within the hospitality industry. Continue reading “What Are Serviced Apartments And What Amenities Come With Them?”

Post COVID Hotel vs Corporate Apartments vs Airbnb

Choosing corporate housing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic can be a challenge as business executives examine hotels, Airbnb properties, and fully furnished corporate apartments. While many business professionals are still looking for the basics of accessibility, affordability, and outstanding amenities, life in a COVID world has them also looking for additional provisions such as stringent cleaning methods and individual cleaning kits. But which entities within the hospitality industry are changing the way they do business to better accommodate travelers during this worldwide health crisis?

Before planning your next business trip, put things on pause for a moment to consider the advantages and drawbacks of lodging at hotels, corporate apartments, and Airbnb properties. The choices you make about where to stay in the weeks and months to come may affect everything from your pocketbook to your long-term health, making it crucial to ponder which option is the best for you. Continue reading “Post COVID Hotel vs Corporate Apartments vs Airbnb”

Feel At Home With Hand Selected Furnishings In Your Corporate Apartment

When it comes to corporate housing, it is the collective experience with added special touches such as hand selected furnishings in your corporate apartment that make it one of the fastest growing trends for lodging in business travel today. Those traveling for business can secure lodging almost anywhere but finding housing that caters specifically to a business executive can be unique to corporate housing, in everything from amenities to multi room living spaces to hand selected furnishings can be unique to corporate housing. Continue reading “Feel At Home With Hand Selected Furnishings In Your Corporate Apartment”

Temporary or Corporate Housing in Corpus Christi

As one of the top ten largest cities in Texas with an estimated three hundred thousand plus residents, it is easy to see why Corpus Christi is becoming a premier destination for traveling business executives. More than eight million people a year flock to this city for business and pleasure, making temporary or corporate housing a necessity.

In addition to being preferred by many modern executives, temporary or corporate housing in Corpus Christi is ideal for those business professionals bringing family members with them for a mini vacation. With fully furnished multi room spaces that include a full kitchen and washer and dryer in each unit, staying at a corporate apartment in Corpus Christi feel more like home. Continue reading “Temporary or Corporate Housing in Corpus Christi”

How To Book A Stay With Corporate Housing

A record number of people travel each year for business, which necessitates the need for corporate housing. What may not be as cut and dry is how to book with corporate housing. Especially for a business executive that is new to traveling, knowing how to navigate the process can seem overwhelming. The good news is that modern corporate lodging companies can help direct guests through every step of the process and even take it over if a client wishes to delegate the chore altogether. Continue reading “How To Book A Stay With Corporate Housing”

What is Corporate Lodging – Glossary Included

While it may seem like a simple thing to travel for work, the world of corporate travel is constantly evolving, leaving many wondering, “What is corporate lodging?” Most readers will gather that it is lodging geared toward business executives, but some of the corporate lodging lingo can sometimes be confusing with unique terms such as “extended stay furnished apartments, luxury community amenities, and limited grocery service.” To help you better navigate the world of corporate lodging we have put together a glossary of common terms. Continue reading “What is Corporate Lodging – Glossary Included”

Murphy’s Corporate Lodging Complimentary Cleaning Kit

As the world eases back into opening up again amidst a pandemic, our guests’ safety is at the forefront of our minds. Murphy’s Corporate Lodging is dedicated to providing guests with complimentary cleaning kits to enhance their levels of safety and comfort during their stay with us.

Continue reading “Murphy’s Corporate Lodging Complimentary Cleaning Kit”

Rain, Snow, Hurricane or Pandemic – Stronger Together With Murphy’s Corporate Lodging

They say that home is where the heart is. Murphy’s Corporate Lodging’s heart is with Texas and the world as we weather the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic together. We are Texas strong from having withstood hurricanes, floods and more alongside our community, and because of that we are confident in our ability to survive this event and come out on the other side better for it.

Continue reading “Rain, Snow, Hurricane or Pandemic – Stronger Together With Murphy’s Corporate Lodging”