Locating 3 Month Lease Apartments In Houston

Business trips have become standard in today’s society, especially trips to industry rich cities such as Houston. As one of the largest cities in the nation with booming healthcare, energy, and aerospace industries, it experiences one of the highest volumes of business travel in Texas. In a city that covers hundreds of square miles, finding 3-month lease apartments in Houston requires an expansive knowledge of the city’s layout and business districts. However, finding temporary housing for multi month stays can be a relatively painless experience when working with a reputable corporate lodging company. Continue reading “Locating 3 Month Lease Apartments In Houston”

What’s Included In Corporate Monthly Rentals?

The art of business is ever evolving, and today that often translates to increased domestic corporate travel. Americans are logging more miles for work-related trips than ever before and sometimes for extended periods of time up to several months. For seasoned business executives who understand the sacrifice of leaving their home and daily routine, the comfort of corporate monthly rentals are increasingly becoming their lodging of choice, and with good reason. Continue reading “What’s Included In Corporate Monthly Rentals?”

Finding Luxury Furnished Apartments In Houston

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and luxury furnished apartments in Houston are no exception. With the increasing number of business trips Americans are taking each year to growing cities such as Houston, finding comfortable and affordable temporary housing has become a central focus for many traveling executives. Although there are a variety of options within the hospitality industry that can work for short- or long-term stays, luxury furnished apartments in Houston are trending in a big way. Continue reading “Finding Luxury Furnished Apartments In Houston”

The Demand For Corporate Housing In Houston Is High!

With an estimated twenty-two Fortune 500 companies calling the city home for their headquarters, corporate housing in Houston is booming. Annually, thousands of business travelers from all over the world come to Houston to be a part of the city’s flourishing high dollar industries such as aeronautics, energy, healthcare and manufacturing, and their trips will likely require corporate temporary housing. Continue reading “The Demand For Corporate Housing In Houston Is High!”

The Demand For Corporate Apartments In Austin Is On The Rise!

The demand for an Austin corporate apartment amongst up and coming business professionals is growing by leaps and bounds thanks in large part to the city’s growing business community. In fact, Austin is considered to be one of Texas’ and the nation’s top cities in terms of startup companies. In addition to this distinction, the city is also home to a number of businesses that there were rated by a popular online platform as having some of the best ratings for company culture and work environment. With designations like these, it is not hard to see why Austin is hosting hundreds of business travelers each year. Continue reading “The Demand For Corporate Apartments In Austin Is On The Rise!”

Top Five Things to Look For in Furnished One Bedroom Apartments

Americans are traveling more than ever before when it comes to domestic business travel, which is why furnished one bedroom apartments for rent are in high demand. Some larger states such as Texas may have an even higher need for these units, with highly populated, business centered cities such as Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Continue reading “Top Five Things to Look For in Furnished One Bedroom Apartments”

Find Furnished Apartments Using A Corporate Lodging Provider

Find Furnished Apartments Nationwide

Whatever your reason for traveling—business, vacation, family obligation or retreat—and for however long, furnished apartments will always be preferable over hotel rooms. This goes a long way in explaining the recent boom in short-term home rentals. But people don’t always think to reserve a furnished apartment instead of the more predictable alternatives, and they are missing out. Continue reading “Find Furnished Apartments Using A Corporate Lodging Provider”

Serviced Apartments Beat A Short Term Stay Hotel Every Time!

Today business executives and professionals are traveling more frequently than ever for corporate ventures. Whether driving only a city or two away or flying to the opposite coast for work, travelers want to make corporate traveling as seamless as possible. One foundational way to elevate the business traveling experience is by securing a home base or temporary lodging that offers a relaxing and worry-free experience. To achieve this atmosphere, business professionals are increasingly turning to the luxurious offerings and privacy of serviced apartments. Continue reading “Serviced Apartments Beat A Short Term Stay Hotel Every Time!”

Murphy’s Corporate Lodge Gets ASAP Quality Accreditation

ASAP Accredited LogoAmericans are racking up an estimated four hundred million business trips per year, making corporate travel a vital and thriving part of the hospitality industry.  With the number of annual business trips on the rise, clients are searching out high-quality, worry-free temporary housing experiences to enhance their travels.  Murphy’s Corporate Lodging’s status as an Association of Serviced Apartment Providers (ASAP) Quality Accreditation Member provides their guests with exactly that.

The ASAP Quality Accreditation Program was established in 2014 to help assign a global standard of excellence.  It is renowned for its leading global quality assessment, recognition, and accreditation system for the hospitality industry in areas such as serviced apartments, corporate housing, and executive suites.  This universal high standard of excellence allows travelers to book their stay with confidence at an ASAP accredited property regardless of its location across the globe. Continue reading “Murphy’s Corporate Lodge Gets ASAP Quality Accreditation”

We Have ADA Accessible Corporate Apartments!

Traveling for business can be challenging, but for those who need ADA accommodations, there is a whole secondary set of arrangements that have to be planned for.  Selecting a corporate lodging provider that can address those needs help to make long term stay business trips stress-free.

ADA accessibility is not mandatory in private dwellings, meaning apartments and houses, unlike a hotel. This makes choosing a hotel often the reflexive choice just because it is simpler. However, many corporate housing providers realize the need for ADA accessible apartments and are able to accommodate the request and provide first-class accommodations. Additionally, with the right corporate housing solution partner, the frustration of finding ADA accessible units is reduced.

ADA Accessible Corporate Apartment

Corporate accommodations with ADA accessibility feature upscale, high-end furnishings, modern décor, full kitchens, all-inclusive utilities, Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions, on-staff housekeeping services, and more than enough space. Continue reading “We Have ADA Accessible Corporate Apartments!”