We Have ADA Accessible Corporate Apartments!

Traveling for business can be challenging, but for those who need ADA accommodations, there is a whole secondary set of arrangements that have to be planned for.  Selecting a corporate lodging provider that can address those needs help to make long term stay business trips stress-free.

ADA accessibility is not mandatory in private dwellings, meaning apartments and houses, unlike a hotel. This makes choosing a hotel often the reflexive choice just because it is simpler. However, many corporate housing providers realize the need for ADA accessible apartments and are able to accommodate the request and provide first-class accommodations. Additionally, with the right corporate housing solution partner, the frustration of finding ADA accessible units is reduced.

ADA Accessible Corporate Apartment

Corporate accommodations with ADA accessibility feature upscale, high-end furnishings, modern décor, full kitchens, all-inclusive utilities, Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions, on-staff housekeeping services, and more than enough space.

9 Basic Requirements for ADA Accessible Units for Corporate Housing

Here are some of the requirements and additional amenities that can be found in ADA accessible units:

  1. The apartment building’s entrance will be easily accessible and feature a clear path to all entrances. This should include a threshold that can accommodate those in wheelchairs.
  2. All usable common and public areas must be fully accessible for those with disabilities.
  3. Entryways and hallways will need to have adequate space for those in a wheelchair to easily turn around and maneuver.
  1. All doorways inside the apartment should be wide enough to easily fit a wheelchair. This typically includes building out wider doorways for easier maneuvering.
  2. Flooring inside the unit should not hinder the tenant’s movement, so it will likely include hardwood flooring or ceramic tile. If carpeting is used, it should have a very low pile.
  1. Anything that the resident would need to control, like light switches, thermostats and electrical outlets must be arranged so that they are within reach of the tenant.
  2. The apartment’s walls must be reinforced so that they can accommodate grab bars where necessary. While bathrooms are the most common area where grab bars are needed, they may be required elsewhere for some residents and in some floorplans.
  3. Kitchens in ADA accessible units typically have lower countertops and cabinets so the tenant can prepare meals and clean up with ease. Some units may have spaces underneath the sink to easily accommodate a wheelchair. Appliances will also be well thought out. This may include a refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom and a stove with knobs and controls on the front rather than the top. Both of these considerations will allow the tenant to use the appliances safely and without risk of injury.
  1. Bathrooms will also have the necessary accommodations, including grab bars (attached to reinforced walls), and roll-in showers rather than a bathtub. Toilets in these units will be higher and will have grab bars as well. The sink will also be positioned so that it can easily be reached and may have space beneath it for a wheelchair.

ADA accessible units are a necessity for many corporate travelers, and thankfully there is a way to easily find these units in any city. The best way is to work with a corporate housing provider that partners with properties that prioritize accessibility and comfort for their residents.

Living Murphy’s Corporate Housing For All Your Projects

As a project manager, you’ve likely got lots of balls in the air, so the last thing you want is a hassle with your lodging. You’re already in a different town, separated from your friends and family without the comforts of home, and you and your team should have a stress-free zone at the end of the day. Let Murphy’s corporate lodging take that off your to-do list and see to your needs for a change. We’ve got the right property in the best neighborhood with all of the amenities you’re looking for to fit your budget. Our dedicated customer service professionals will handle all the little details so you and your people can get on with your work. What can you expect in your stress-free zone?

Living Murphy's Corporate Housing Solutions

More space—The typical corporate apartment is two to three times the size of the typical hotel room. The space is made up of separate rooms so if you can’t leave your stress outside your temporary home, you can at least shut it out of your bedroom for a peaceful night’s sleep. And won’t it be nice not to have to pack everything up and check out then settle back in again if you go home for the weekend?

Comfort—We select our premium furnishings for your comfort. They are modern, attractive and carefully-maintained. If something breaks, we have backups ready, so we’ll replace it right away. High quality linens, a flat screen television, a cushy sofa and an inviting bed are all waiting for you in your home away from home.

Amenities—Each apartment contains a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining table and chairs, comfortable living room and bedroom furniture, a washer and dryer and a modern bathroom. You’ll have plenty of space to entertain friends or colleagues in the relaxed atmosphere of your home, or to sit them down to work collaboratively after hours. Outside your apartment, most properties have a gym and pool for your use, and all of our properties offer free parking.

Fully-equipped kitchen—Sampling the local fare is an integral part of getting to know a new city, if you’re on vacation. If you aren’t, eating out can become a chore, and it is always more expensive than eating in. Your apartment is fully stocked with all of the tools you need to cook whatever you want, whenever you want.

Washer and dryer—While most people don’t like to do laundry, it’s even worse not to be able to. Each apartment has its own washer and dryer for the best in convenience. No need for expensive laundry services and no strangers handling your intimates.

Technology—You’re wondering about WiFi, right? It’s the first question upon entering a new building these days, especially for busy professionals. We’ve got you covered. Free, secure WiFi is waiting for you and your guests in every Murphy’s apartment. Are you wondering about cable? Yes, we’ve got that, too, along with a modern flat screen TV ready for you to plug in your favorite device, so you can bring your own Netflix queue with you. We understand that you need these things for work and for play, so plug in and get on with it! And while you’re doing that, don’t forget to use our app for checking in and out. It will also show you the restaurant and entertainment options nearby.

Corporate Housing Includes Technology

With Murphy’s, you’ll always have a modern, bright, comfortable apartment stocked with everything you need waiting for you and your team. We have over 50 years’ experience in making business travelers feel at home, so we can anticipate your needs. And we know that you’ll value two of our unique offerings.

  1. All-inclusive price—The price we quoted when you made your reservation is the price you’ll pay. Period. We won’t hold you captive with hidden fees or taxes, and we won’t try to up-sell you by withholding cable or WiFi, or adding fees for parking or gym use, let alone any other amenity. We will make you feel at home.
  2. 24/7 customer service—Whatever you need, whenever you need it; we’re here for you all day, every day.

Project management is all about keeping everyone moving forward toward the goal while keeping track of all the details. We’ve got the resources and experience to free you up to concentrate on that work. We’ll take good care of you and your team, so rest easy and do what you need to do. Valuing people drives us. Service defines us.

Corporate Lodging Is So Much More Than A Hotel!

So you’ve visited a new city for business, and your hotel stay has been nice enough. The room was a bit cramped and you had to move your work off the bed before you could go to sleep, but you understand that space is at a premium in this town. You enjoyed the nearby restaurants for the first few nights, but you’ve grown tired of the same menus. It didn’t take long before you started to look forward to the end of the project just so you could go home and feel like yourself again. No matter how nice a hotel may be, it’ll never feel like home. The novelty soon wears off leaving you longing for your routine and some normalcy.

When checkout day finally arrives, the bill is much more than expected. You’ve been quoted a rate, and you’d allocated your per diem accordingly. But you hadn’t given much thought to the $15 daily WiFi charge, the gym fee for the one day you had the time to work out, the $12 per day parking charge for the rental car, the outrageous 20% hospitality tax, the pay-per-view you watched, the hotel laundry and the expensive yet unimpressive breakfasts and room service meals.

Corporate lodging offers so much more than a hotel ever could, and Murphy’s will provide it all for the price you were quoted. You’ll have your own apartment with a spacious floor plan, your own washer and dryer and the highest quality amenities designed to anticipate your every need. Your comfort is our goal, and we’re experts at reaching it. How do we do it?

  • Free parking—You’ll always have adjacent, free parking with a Murphy’s apartment home.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen—Full-sized appliances, premium cookware, a complete range of utensils, our own housewares—these are all waiting for you in your temporary home. Cook your own meals, heat up your take out, microwave some popcorn or store a selection of your morning yogurt in the fridge. Now you have options!
  • Pet-friendly homes—It’s so hard to leave him behind, isn’t it? He always knows when you’re taking off, and he turns those sad, eyes on you, silently begging. Well, pack the leash and his treats because he’s welcome in your temporary home! Bringing him along will lower your stress and make you both happier while you do what you need to do. You’ll find a lush green space for him to run around and do what he needs to do. And we aren’t dog-centric—we cordially invite your best friend, whoever that might be.
  • Single point of contact for corporate accounts—Whatever your needs may be, a designated account coordinator is standing by to help. We can also help accommodate accounts in multiple cities, states and countries to make various projects seamless.
  • Regular housekeeping—Our team of detail-oriented housekeepers will visit twice a week to keep your temporary home clean and fresh. If you would prefer more or less frequent attention, we’d be happy to arrange it.
  • 24-hour support—Our customer service professionals are available to help you with whatever you need, 24/7.
  • Large, flat-screen TV—Each Murphy’s apartment contains at least one large, flat-screen television. You’ll find modern ports where you can plug in the device that connects you to Netflix or that mirrors your screen for collaborating with colleagues.
  • King sized bed—Stretch out after a long day and get comfy with our premium linens on a king-sized bed. There’s plenty of room for you to relax and get a great night’s sleep.
  • One all-inclusive price—No hidden fees, no upcharges, no hospitality taxes, no parking charges, no surprises. The price you were quoted is the price you will pay. Period.

A corporate apartment is the best approximation of home you’ll find on your travels. Murphy’s makes every effort to offer you a home away from home that is comfortable and inviting as well as efficient and workable. We’ve been doing this for over 50 years, so we’ve thought about what you’ll need before you need it. We’ve got your living space completely covered, freeing you up to concentrate on your work.

How Can Professionals Traveling With Pets Find Corporate Lodging?

Can corporate apartments accommodate executives traveling with pets?

Those traveling with pets will be glad to know that there are corporate apartments available that can accommodate them. The best way to find pet-friendly units is to work with a company that specializes in corporate lodging solutions.

How can a corporate lodging company help pet owners?

These companies will have access to a comprehensive array of properties that will make the stay ideal for both you and your pet. Here are some examples of how they can help.

  1. They can match you with properties that welcome pets – The frustration and time spent on trying to find a pet-friendly unit can be avoided, as the company can filter out any unsuitable options. They will be able to provide a list of properties that meet the traveling executive’s needs, and the needs of their pets.
  2. Pet-friendly properties are designed to make life easier – There are properties that merely tolerate pets, and then there are properties that go further, offering special amenities just for pet owners. For example, some properties have a dog park on premises, which means exercise and taking care of “business” is close and convenient. That’s particularly helpful when staying close to or inside a downtown area, as there may be no dog parks within easy walking distance. If traveling with a pet that’s high-energy, a dog park on premises will provide the ideal outlet.
  3. Residential solutions that offer regular housekeeping – Most units offer bi-weekly housekeeping services. This valuable service allows the executive to spend more of their time exercising and enjoying time with their pet rather than worrying about the tedious task of cleaning house.

If you are familiar with the area you will be traveling to, and want to be close to a particular spot, it can usually be accommodated. This is relevant for pet owners that need to be close to a lot of green space for their active dog, or near a veterinarian or animal hospital in case of an emergency.

What to consider when traveling with pets

If you’ve traveled with pets before, then you already know that it’s a different experience than traveling alone. From the moment you get in the car to head to the airport, to the last day you’re in your short-term accommodation, there is always something else to consider when handling a pet. For example:

  1. Keep your pet’s identification on hand – It’s always a good idea to have an identifying tag on your pet’s collar, but that’s probably not enough when traveling. Fortunately, there are modern pet ID options that make it much easier to keep track of your furry family member. In addition to a collar and tag, consider getting your pet microchipped so that they can be identified if they get loose. There are also pet tags that you can link to your smartphone or device, which means as long as they have their collar on, you’ll be able to find their location on your phone, tablet or computer.
  2. Don’t forget your pet when planning for delays – Delays, especially airport delays, happen, and many people find that they don’t have their pet’s food, water, medicine, toys or leash handy. You’ll need to take care of them in the event of a delay, so be sure to keep the necessities close at hand. It’s best to assume the worst will go wrong where delays are concerned, and plan accordingly.
  3. Get your pet used to their carrier well before travel day – To make things go smoother, Take some time to get your pet accustomed to their crate. Once they are comfortable going in and out of the crate, take them for a drive to a nearby park so they will associate the crate with a positive experience. When it’s time to depart for that business trip, the pet will be comfortable and at ease.

More people are traveling with pets than ever before, which is why it’s important to work with a company that can provide pet-friendly accommodations for their clients.