Is Corporate Housing The Answer?

With more than 463 million business trips logged by Americans in 2017, more companies are turning to corporate housing to make their employees feel at home when they’re on the road.  When done right, those weeks of traveling can almost feel like a vacation if you do your housing homework first.

The best place to start is to look for a reputable national chain that can support all your domestic travels.  This way every trip will begin to feel like a home away from home because the setup will be largely the same, regardless of what city you are in.  Chain-based companies offer the same services at all of their locations, yielding fewer worries so you can focus on the business at hand.  With that in mind, it is best to do your research upfront.

Is It For Me?

Business executives, government employees, lobbyists, insurance agents, medical professionals, entertainers, and consultants are some of the most well-traveled professionals today. Their career responsibilities often take them away from home for extended periods of time, making corporate housing the obvious choice.

The arrangement is also comfortable in the unfortunate case of a medical crisis of a loved one. Friends and family can stay for days or weeks to give care to the patient and help with their daily responsibilities without adding the burden of becoming a houseguest. Plus, caregivers now have a space to sleep or rejuvenate themselves in between caring for their loved one. In this particular case, finding a housing chain that can accommodate stays close to medical centers is certainly a plus.

Individuals whose homes are badly battered or destroyed by natural disasters may also turn to corporate housing for a short-term, furnished living space until they are able to rebuild their current residence. This allows them all the comforts of home as well as a safe living space while they wait for life to resume its normal rhythm.

5 Questions To Ask When Looking For Corporate Housing

  1. Is there a minimum time limit to stay?
  2. Are accommodations apartment, condominium, or house-based?
  3. What amenities are offered?
  4. Do you offer transportation services?
  5. Is there a rewards program for repeat customers?

Corporate Housing Amenities

The best companies are client-focused and go above and beyond to provide a 24/7 worry-free experience for guests. In addition to offering more privacy than a hotel, you will often find all the comforts of home including fully furnished living spaces, which means a comfortable sofa to unwind on at the end of the day instead of a rigid, rolling desk chair. The arrangement also offers plenty of built-in storage space so you won’t have to get creative living life out of a suitcase with wrinkled clothes for days on end.

Full kitchens are another bonus seldom found at hotels. It’s simply a must for those travelers with dietary restrictions or food allergies.  After being on the road a week already and surviving another long day at the office, going out to eat again can be less than appealing. A full-kitchen allows guests a quiet night in with lighter fare and possibly a glass of wine. Afraid there won’t be time to stock the fridge and pantry due to the demands of business?  Some companies offer limited grocery services to cater to those with demanding work schedules.

Guests often require a variety of technological needs so they can make bringing work home from the office a seamless transition. Companies that truly understand a guest’s needs will be proactive in tailoring custom business services specific to each client’s needs.

Corporate housing also offers a bevy of other amenities including wireless internet, television, washer and dryer, towels, and fresh bed linens. Some companies go as far as to provide pool or gym services to their guests to help them relax after a long day or simply to keep in shape while away from their normal daily routine.

On-staff housekeeping is another fabulous feature offered in some temporary housing. It won’t matter if you didn’t have time to clean up breakfast or make the bed before rushing out the door for that 7am conference at the office.

Depending on the circumstances and the number of people traveling, clients can ask for temporary housing specific to a particular location to accommodate their needs. For example, a transferred employee may require short-term housing that is close to the school district their children will be going to, providing minimum disruption during a move. Doctors, traveling nurses, and other medical professionals may require a housing location closer to the medical center.

Why Corporate Housing Instead Of A Hotel

  • Cheaper than long-term hotel stays
  • Provides all the comforts of home, beyond basic hotel amenities
  • Offers flexible lease terms for short-term assignments
  • Can accommodate some extended stays minus the hotel tax

How To Find Corporate Housing

If you are being transferred or making a business-related trip, ask your company if there are specific corporate housing companies they recommend.

Medical professionals may want to contact the hospital or medical center they will be traveling to for solid recommendations.  Especially in this line of work, it will be useful to find a national chain that can provide housing for all you current and future travel needs.

Once you have a list of recommended companies, take some time to thoroughly research each one…after all, this will be your new home for a while.  Make good use of their websites to sift through property photos, room information, and online reviews.  If you think of any follow up questions, be sure to make a list and then contact costumer service directly.

Bottom Line:  There’s no reason to think of your extended stay trips as a sentence of endless takeout, limited privacy, and uncomfortable living spaces.  Instead, corporate housing can make it feel like a mini-getaway filled with the creature comforts of home, blissful solitude, and the time and space to work uninterrupted.