Every year, thousands of Americans are traveling by land and air to domestic destinations for work.  While the number of people traveling for business has grown in recent years, the concept of a business trip is nothing new. So, what has changed? The number of lodging options has exploded in recent years, often leaving business professionals overwhelmed when it comes to making travel arrangements. However, modern executives are increasingly turning to corporate rentals to meet their temporary housing needs.

What are corporate rentals?

Corporate rentals are fully furnished apartments owned by corporate housing companies which then rent these units to traveling business professionals. Corporate rentals are typically move-in ready and are outfitted with as many accommodations as possible to make the guest feel right at home. In most cases, these units are available for both short-term and long-term stays.

How are corporate rentals different from regular apartments?

Although both are temporary housing units, corporate rentals and regular apartments can be drastically different. Housing companies that focus on catering to business clientele tailor the facilities they rent to match their clients’ needs.

  • Apartment Locations: Location is typically the number one thing a business traveler looks for when trying to secure housing. Since corporate housing companies understand the busy lifestyle of business executives, their corporate rentals are usually conveniently close to a city’s business district. This attention to detail allows guests to enjoy temporary housing close to the office, thereby cutting down on time spent in a morning and evening commute. Corporate rentals are also frequently located adjacent to local entertainment and dining options.
  • Customer service: Corporate apartments typically deliver higher and more immediate customer service than that of a regular apartment. On average, staff are available to address a guest’s needs around the clock and will go the extra mile to make them as comfortable as possible. This exceptional customer service should extend to the staff’s knowledge of nearby restaurants, entertainment, and events.
  • Furnishings: While regular apartments are seldom furnished in advance of a tenant’s arrival, corporate rentals are almost always fully furnished. This generally includes comfortable sitting areas, adequate living space, a kitchen table, and most of the essentials guests will need. In addition to being furnished, these units are made to feel warm and inviting with modern décor to make a guest feel right at home.
  • Kitchen: Most corporate rentals have a fully equipped kitchen inside the unit. This usually includes a small collection of pots and pans, dishes, silverware, kitchen towels and so on. These accommodations are especially perfect for those business travelers who have special dietary restrictions or become weary of eating meals out.
  • Utilities: While utilities are usually handled separately from rent with a regular apartment, utilities for a corporate apartment are included in the rental price, so there are no additional bills to worry about, including internet.
  • Housekeeping: Corporate rentals also typically feature housekeeping services. Generally this extends beyond just fresh towels and sheets to the straightening and tidying of multiple living areas.
  • Leisure areas: Although most apartment complexes also feature leisure areas such as a pool, workout room, BBQ area and other gathering rooms, these areas in corporate apartment complexes generally cater to adults only.
  • Business center: Many corporate apartments also offer an onsite business center. This feature comes in handy if several of your coworkers are at the same complex as it allows you to easily bring work home from the office and collaborate in a business setting at any time.
  • Bonus services: Because the staff at corporate apartments understand the responsibilities and busy schedules of traveling business executives, many offer bonus services such as limited transportation services and limited grocery delivery services at an additional cost.

The Advantages of Using a Corporate Housing Specialist to Secure Corporate Rentals

In addition to all the benefits listed above, a corporate housing company can make all the arrangements to secure your rental, allowing you to focus on the business at hand.

Working with a corporate housing company that has access to properties nationwide can have some fantastic benefits. One of these benefits is the knowledge that no matter what city you are traveling to, you can expect the same exceptional level of customer service and home away from home feeling because you’ve worked with this company before. Corporate housing companies understand exactly what it takes to effectively accommodate today’s modern business executives and how to streamline their travels.

Another bonus to being a repeat customer with a corporate housing company is the possibility of racking up frequent traveler points or rewards. While not all companies offer this feature, it is a nice perk for those that travel quite a bit for work.

Corporate rentals are located in safe parts of town and conveniently close to business districts. The staff should also have an intimate knowledge of the area you are staying in and be able to offer helpful dining and entertainment suggestions.

Perhaps the best incentive for using a corporate housing company to secure your corporate rental is the freeing feeling of delegating the task of finding temporary housing for your trip. A company that is doing what they do best can streamline the lodging process and leave you to focus on more important things with the confidence that all things housing will be handled exactly as you need it to be.