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They say everything is big in Texas, and with Dallas being one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, it is certainly no exception.  In 2017, Fortune Magazine listed the city of Dallas has having nine Fortune 500 companies, twenty-two in the larger Dallas-Fort worth area, and six in nearby Irving.  No doubt business is booming for companies in the area, making national and international corporate travel a daily occurrence.  All of these factors combine to make corporate apartments in Dallas an absolute necessity since the city is the third most popular destination for business travel in the United States.

While sparkling high-rises and grand skyscrapers are very much a symbol of the city’s skyline, they aren’t the only buildings dotting the horizon.  In close proximity, with the corner on location, stand dozens of buildings offering top notch corporate apartments in Dallas of all shapes and sizes that are only a short walk away from work for clients.

What Makes Corporate Apartments The Best Options For Traveling Executives?

Any company worth their salt operates by the sentiment that a happy employee is a productive employee.  For that reason, companies want traveling executives leaving a family, friends, and way of life for the road to feel comfortable and at home.

Although hotels and home rentals are certainly viable options, when traveling for extended periods of time modern executives generally seek a more comprehensive experience in which they can balance work with relaxation in a more unique atmosphere.  For many, this roadblock translates to searching for corporate apartments that specialize in those specific areas.  The most sought-after corporate apartments in Dallas offer guests flexible rentals, personalized services, and the perfect combination of work, leisure, and entertainment.

Business travelers can find a number of these housing options both within the city limits and just outside it.  Home to Fortune 500 companies such as ExxonMobil, Fluor, Kimberly-Clark, Michaels, and Vistra Energy, Irving is a particularly popular destination for businesses to host traveling executives.  A mere twenty minutes outside of Dallas proper, the city is widely known for its lakeside activities, shopping, and entertainment.

What Amenities Come With Corporate Housing?

Whether choosing a site that has the polish and swank of downtown or the relaxed modern flair of a lakeside location, expect to be impressed when it comes to corporate apartments in Dallas.  These companies have been serving businesses in the area for years and know how to do it right.

While complete furnishings, flexible lease terms, included utilities, and a welcome dose of privacy come standard, high end companies offer a few additional perks that many traveling executives find they simply can’t live without.  Around the clock guest services are a saving grace for everything from requesting a toiletry you forgot to pack to asking where you can get the best Tex-Mex in town.  This often includes on-staff housekeeping which can come in handy for those balancing a hectic work schedule with sneaking in some free time in the evenings.

With Murphy’s Corporate Housing you can expect to see the following amenities and More!

  • Executive Furnishings
  • Fully-Equipped Kitchens
  • Bed and Bath Linens
  • Bath Amenities
  • HDTV’s
  • WiFi and Cable
  • Pet Friendly
  • Phone Service
  • Air Conditioning
  • Bi-Weekly Housekeeping
  • 24/7 Guest Service
  • Luxury Community Amenities

For those with big projects and presentations in the works, your housing host should be adeptly prepared to tailor their custom business services to fit your specific needs.  Even limited grocery services are sometimes available to the busy executive that can’t spare the time to go out to eat but needs sustenance while burning the midnight oil.

If some exercise or relaxation help the creative juices flow, many locations offer posh swimming areas with poolside bars, top of the line gymnasiums, and even luxurious day spas.

Find The Best Corporate Apartment In Dallas Today!

What To Consider When Booking Your Stay?

Location, location, location.  Find a housing complex that meets your needs, whether that be downtown and literally across the street from the office, or in a more trendy, up and coming neighborhood a few miles away.  Regardless of what you choose, be sure to verify that adequate access and transportation is available for both work and leisure based activities.

Once you’ve narrowed down the area of town you want to stay in, make sure the housing provider can accommodate the length of your stay.  While larger companies typically offer rental packages from one night to several weeks or months, smaller companies may have a more strict minimum stay requirement.  If you travel frequently, be sure to ask about points or perks for repeat stays at corporate apartments in Dallas and elsewhere.

Consider and research local activity and entertainment options.  A thriving metropolis like Dallas offers visitors a top notch zoo, professional sporting events, and more shopping centers per capita than any other city in the United States.  Irving is popular amongst traveling business executives because of its proximity to Lake Carolyn, which offers a bevy of outdoor activities including lakeside nature trails, paddle boating, and even private gondola rides complete with cozy blankets, soft pillows, and live serenades.  Amli Campion Trail, Jefferson LasCo, and Crest Las Colinas are all corporate housing facilities adjacent to Lake Carolyn that boast nearby golfing, spa treatments, paddle boarding, and a thriving nightlife scene comprised of trendy new bars and restaurants.

As they say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”  That phrase translated into Texan is while you are in Dallas be sure to soak up some of the activities that set this city apart from any other.  Depending on the time of year of your stay, consider taking in locally flavored events such as cowboy life at the rodeo and a multitude of fried delicacies and rides at the state fair.  No trip to Texas is complete without partaking in the unique culinary delights of barbecue, authentic Mexican food, and famous Tex-Mex cuisine, all of which go beautifully with frozen margaritas, which are a local favorite.

The next time you book a business trip and need a corporate apartment in Dallas, take time to do your homework up front so that your journey becomes more of a vacation that sends you back home rested, invigorated, and already looking forward to your next stay.

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