Corporate housing rentals are far more than the typical rental, with luxury furnishings, amenities and locations that are aimed at high-level business professionals. Executives, consultants and project managers are relied on for important tasks, so they require surroundings that will facilitate the work they need to do. That means a real home, and not just a room. That means furnished corporate lodging. A furnished corporate apartment combines logistical convenience with up-scale comfort – a mix that’s tough to find with any alternative.

What kind of clients look for corporate housing rentals?

It’s this attractive profile that draws all manner of corporate clients. Businesses know that corporate lodging affords them both short and long-term leasing options, so time is not a factor, no matter the scope of the project. Businesses also find that corporate housing rentals are perfect when transitioning a new hire into the company. Their comfortable surroundings ensure they get off to a productive start, and offers the business a chance to see their new employee in action before fully committing to the hire. It’s the best possible situation for both parties.

Corporate lodging is a staple in many industries, from oil & gas to medical, from construction to military.

The advantages of corporate housing rentals

Hotels are often the first thing that comes to mind when a business professional is called to a new city for an assignment. But hotels are designed for tenants who intend only to stay a few nights, and they offer little in the way of space or amenities. Even extended stay locations are smaller and tend to be clustered far away from city centers.

Corporate housing rentals stand alone as a viable option for executives, project managers, consultants and anyone else that is called on to handle high level duties away from home. But as effective as corporate apartments are, only some deserve consideration. And it can be extremely difficult to find the short term rentals that are worth consideration. Residential communities that offer corporate apartments rarely market their availability to corporate clients. Although they do work with locator services that link corporate clients with appropriate rentals. As such, it’s essential for businesses to track down a locator service they can trust. A trustworthy locator service should have plenty of experience, access to multiple communities and an open line of communication with their tenants. Here’s a closer look at what this means.

  1. National reach – Many locators are only able to service a single region, leaving their clients without options if they operate nationally. A reputable lodging solutions provider should have a strong presence throughout the U.S. The business professional may need to work in Houston (or any other city in Texas), Atlanta, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Indianapolis, Miami, New York City, or any other metropolitan city. So it’s important to work with someone that can accommodate the client’s needs no matter where they need to travel.
  2. Top locations – The company should be able to connect the client with the best solution available. And inside a major city, there are hundreds of residential options for professional clients, so narrowing down the options to the best communities is essential. Make sure the company works with Class A communities. This designation refers to the desirability of a community’s location. In short, a Class A community is one that is near everything that a resident would want or need. This includes quality restaurants, grocery stores, entertainment venues and even schools, for clients that are traveling with families. Given their central location, Class A communities tend to offer greater ease of navigation, so professionals can get to the office or work site efficiently. Further, these prime locations also allow residents to get a detailed look at the city, which will be helpful if they decide to move to the area permanently. This is a function of corporate housing rentals that executives and other professionals are increasingly relying on. Without corporate lodging, professionals would be forced into making a major decision on a residence without proper foresight. With corporate lodging, though, there is no need to rush, as there is ample time to research the city and find a perfect fit for the family.
  3. Plentiful furnishings – Hotels and extended stay locations may claim that their furnishing offerings are more than adequate, but that’s rarely true. Space and property design are issues here. Both extended stay locations and hotels are designed to hold as many people as possible, as tenant turnover is so rapid. Corporate housing rentals are designed to accommodate entire families if need be. And with all that space, the units are able to be filled with all the high-quality furnishings one would expect. Units come with premium furnishings in every room, like king-size beds, flat screen televisions and upgraded housewares for better living. And if any furnishings ever need to be replaced, they will be immediate.
  4. An intense focus on customer service – Corporate lodging is a competitive field, so a reputable company will take extra steps in guaranteeing every client is taken care of. This means frequent service calls or e-mails to the client to ensure they have everything they need. When a client makes a request, they will likely receive a follow-up call or email to verify that their needs were met precisely. High-powered professionals are often far too busy to worry about housekeeping. Therefore reputable lodging solutions companies will offer bi-weekly housekeeping with every stay. They can handle the dirty work and let the professional focus on getting their job done.

Corporate housing rentals are designed to be the classic home away from home. It’s not a cliché, though, when working with a reputable company. Their main focus should be making sure that every client is comfortable and has what they need to succeed.

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