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For more than 45 years, Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates has served traveling business executives with temporary housing geared specifically toward the business community. With corporate apartments located nationwide, we provide travelers with flexible lease terms for business trips, short-term assignments, long-term assignments, and relocations.

With the passing of each year, modern executives are increasingly turning to corporate housing because of the increased space, unbeatable comfort and generous amenities offered. Our corporate housing options include everything from a fully furnished, multi-room apartment space to a washer and dryer in each unit and a kitchen with full sized appliances and everything needed to prepare a meal.

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We routinely serve business executives from a wide range of industries including healthcare, hospitality, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and more with a corporate housing experience designed to bring home to you.

Industries We Serve

Regardless of which of the below industries you serve in, Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates looks forward to helping you feel at home, even on the road.


If traveling for the groundbreaking of a new property or to temporarily oversee a large scale project, Murphy’s can accommodate your specific lodging needs.

Finance and Accounting

Whether it is for a conference, a client visit, or an onsite meeting at one of your company’s field offices, we provide multiple locations in a variety of cities for your convenience.


Murphy’s has corporate apartments in some of the nation’s largest healthcare sectors such as Houston’s Texas Medical Center. Doctors, nurses, surgeons, interns, hospital administrators, and even patients needing access to hospitals and clinics can all benefit from our corporate apartments that feature all the comforts of home.


Business executives within the hospitality industry travel frequently for all things tourism, entertainment, recreation, arts, culture, and travel related. Our corporate apartments are designed to keep you comfortable and relaxed at the end of the day.

Insurance Housing

If the unthinkable happens and you or your family are displaced from your home as a result of a natural disaster, Murphy’s may be able to help with emergency housing. Our fully furnished apartments already provide tenants with many of the items insurance-related guests may be in need of. It is our goal to work with you and your insurance company to find suitable emergency housing quickly.


For attorneys trying cases, witnesses making depositions, and more, Murphy’s has some properties in fairly close proximity to courthouses for your added convenience.


We understand that media coverage follows leads that can take reporters almost anywhere. Our properties are located in a number of cities, including major metropolises and metropolitan areas. This leaves you free to cover the news while we take care of your lodging.

Oil and Gas

Houston is the heartbeat of the oil and gas industry, seeing thousands of business travelers from this sector each year. Let Murphy’s set up lodging that will put you close to the office by day and a little closer to home by night.


Those in the pharmaceutical industry can be some of our most well-traveled clients. Whether you are presenting at a conference or visiting hospitals and doctor offices, we have a variety of temporary corporate housing options designed to meet your needs.

Pro Athletes

Traveling can be more of a norm than being at home for many pro athletes. Even when you are on the road for a game or competition, let Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates bring the comforts of home to you.

Recruiters and HR Staffing

Human resource personnel are frequently tasked with outfitting companies with capable staff and workers that will make a company shine. While you connect with job prospects, let us connect you with fully furnished upscale lodging.


Particularly in large companies, corporate relocation can be a part of the job. As you prepare to permanently relocate, Murphy’s Corporate Housing can provide a temporary lodging solution that feels like home, giving you time to learn the area and find the ideal neighborhood and long-term home that meets your needs.


For grand openings, special events, and more, we are proud to offer corporate housing to those in the restaurant business.

Tech Companies

Many cities are developing a booming technology sector. If work requires you to travel, consider letting Murphy’s handle the lodging arrangements.


If you are a pilot, airline attendant, cross country bus driver, or any other position within the transportation industry, our corporate apartments in a wide variety of locations can be a way for you to feel at home even when you are miles from it.

Let Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates handle your temporary housing arrangements to make your next travel experience feel more like a luxurious getaway.