Getting Help Dealing With A One Month Short Term Lease

Get Help Setting Up A One Month Or Short Term Lease For A Furnished Apartment

Americans are making an estimated four hundred million business trips each year. While so many travel on business trips and they seem somewhat commonplace, the parameters of the trip are often quite different, such as the length of the stay.

The length of our business trips is one of the most obvious differences.  Finding corporate lodging for a few days up to a week is usually easily negotiated.  However, arrangements for a one month lease or longer can be far more challenging without the right resources in place.  By working with a reputable corporate lodging company, travelers can more easily secure a one month lease minus the planning and negotiation headaches.

Signing A One Month Lease For A Corporate Furnished Apartment

Negotiating a One Month Lease

When traveling for extended periods of time such as several weeks to a month or more, booking your stay for a work-related trip can get a little tricky.  Hotels seldom offer a one month lease, but rather offer the same rate or an only slightly discounted rate for the duration of the month, making those dollar signs multiply quickly.  A fully furnished apartment is an ideal option for a one month lease, but is generally best negotiated with the help of a corporate lodging company.

While hotels are usually able accommodate a guest for up to a month, there are pros and cons to staying at this type of lodging for an extended work trip.  On the plus side, guests can usually expect to enjoy amenities such as room service and housekeeping, as well as access to the pool and workout facilities.  On the down side, hotels tend to have cookie cutter environments that can begin to feel sterile after days or weeks on end, they cater to leisure travelers, they provide accommodations for amateur sports teams and wedding parties (which can make the hallways noisy and the pool and elevators crowded), and the long, echoing hallways can disturb corporate guests trying to work or get some sleep for a big presentation scheduled for the next day.

Fully furnished apartments offering a one month lease are generally more feasible because this type of housing is often geared toward the corporate professional.  For this reason, guests can typically anticipate a larger amount of privacy, a quieter environment, and housing that feels more like home.  Someone looking at a one month lease for a fully furnished apartment can expect the following amenities when they Let Murphy’s Corporate Lodge handle the lease for a furnished apartment for them:

    • Executive Furnishings
    • Fully-Equipped Kitchens
    • Bed and Bath Linens
    • Bath Amenities
    • HDTV’s
    • WiFi and Cable
    • Pet Friendly
    • Phone Service
    • Air Conditioning
    • Bi-Weekly Housekeeping
    • 24/7 Guest Service
    • Luxury Community Amenities


How a Corporate Lodging Company Can Help With a One Month Lease Or Any Short Term Lease

Get Help Setting Up A One Month Or Short Term Lease For A Furnished Apartment

The orders just came down that a month long out of state trip is required for work.  Your departure is scheduled for the beginning of next week, which leaves little time to plan lodging and prepare a presentation.  A trip this long is new to you, leaving you a little out of your element.

Fortunately, this is where a reputable corporate lodging company can help.  These companies are ready to provide quality and worry-free temporary housing for the traveling business executive.  They have an understanding of the wants and needs of their clients, including a temporary housing location that is in close proximity to work and play.  In addition, many of these companies also have working relationships with area apartment and condominium complexes that will honor leases of a month or more.

This partnership allows the corporate lodging company to do the legwork in finding a traveling executive a location that is close to work, local entertainment, and meets their specific needs.  Free from the burden of negotiating a one month lease, the client is now free to focus on the more pressing business aspects of the trip ahead.

Advantages of Using Corporate Lodging

One of the primary benefits of using a corporate lodging company in making your business travel arrangements is the continuity.  A company that has nationwide reach and can accommodate travelers in a number of different cities, providing clients with a go-to lodging solution that they can have confidence in.  When excellence in customer service and fabulous amenities come standard with a lodging service, clients will know that no matter where work takes them, a place to stay is one thing they won’t have to worry about.

Some national corporate lodging companies may also provide a reward or point system for those who frequently book their stays with them.  This service includes the peace of mind that comes from working with the same company for every trip and the added bonus of being rewarded for doing so.  It is a win-win for the client and company.

Negotiating a one month lease for a business trip can be easy and cost effective with the help of a corporate lodging company whose focus is the traveling executive.

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