It is often said that everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the demand for executive housing in Austin due to the city’s technology boom. The capital city is not only a headquarters for dozens of up and coming technology companies, but it is also the seat of state government and home to a top university. The number of business professionals traveling to the city increases each year as the city continues to grow and thrive, making executive housing in Austin a big business of its own.

We Can Help You Find Executive Housing In Austin, TX

Corporate Lodging In Austin, Texas

Business Culture in Austin

In 2019 a commercial real estate company released a study naming the City of Austin as the nation’s top city for startups and entrepreneurs. Although the statistic is impressive in and of itself, it is even more so when one considers that Austin beat out the likes of flourishing business-based districts such as Washington D.C.

Austin also consistently ranks as one of the top cities in the United States for tech job market expansion.  Business is booming in this capital city in a number of industries that are incorporating technology in new and fresh ways. Among them are legal, food, and health tech companies, as well as e-commerce platforms.

For these reasons and more, business professionals, especially those in the technology industry, may find themselves traveling here with more frequency, which creates an increased demand for executive housing in Austin.

We Can Help You Find Executive Housing In Austin, TX

Choosing Executive Housing in Austin

Professionals traveling to the city for business should focus on finding executive housing in Austin that meets their specific needs. For many executives, this type of temporary housing can exceed those expectations in ways that other housing alternatives cannot.

Reputable executive housing in Austin should cater to their guests by providing amenities such as:

  • Fully furnished apartments. Being gone for days or even weeks on end can get tiresome for even seasoned travelers. To counter those feelings, corporate housing should provide a fully furnished space outfitted with modern technology, comfortable furniture, and tasteful décor to make guests feel at home.
  • Prime location. Housing options should be in close proximity to a guest’s office as well as opportunities for leisure and entertainment.
  • Lease flexibility. Business is an art that cannot always be rushed, and for times when a project goes over or a few more days are needed to seal the deal, corporate housing should offer some flexibility for lease agreements that require an extension.
  • 24/7 Customer service. Guests in town for business are often gone during the regular business hours of nine to five and frequently require a housing provider that caters to their hours.  Executive housing in Austin should offer around the clock customer service.
  • Business executives spend much of their day at the office, sometimes even working extended hours. Housekeeping should be standard with temporary corporate housing so that guests can keep their focus where it needs to be.
  • In-house kitchen and laundry access. For a corporate executive on the go, a full-size kitchen, washer, and dryer is crucial. Whether it is coming home late or rising early, guests can cook a meal or throw a load of laundry in whenever it is convenient for them from the comfort of their own apartment.
  • Leisure activities. Temporary housing for business travelers should include access to a workout room, pool, and business office.
  • With projects and early mornings often being part of the business travel package, guests should have privacy and quiet hours so they can be refreshed for work the next day.


Austin Experiences

Austin is a unique blend of small-town charm and big business. But in between all those hours of work, it can be the perfect place to play too. While there are more exciting things to do in Austin than can probably be counted, here are three experiences that will make any business trip more enjoyable:

  1. Visit the main bridge on Congress at dusk for an up-close look at the thousands of bats that call Austin home. As the sun sinks out of sight, the bats take flight from underneath the bridge to feed and explore the outdoors at night. Some enjoy seeing the bats standing on the bridge while others may opt to take in the sight from a boat on the water below.
  2. If sitting by the window in an office downtown, you may find that the waters of Lady Bird Lake are calling your name. This area is popular for lakeside jogging, canoeing, or even kayaking.
  3. Go shopping at north Austin’s premier shopping complex, The Domain. With dozens of high-end shops and a great selection of restaurants, The Domain is a one-stop shop for many.

We Can Help You Find Executive Housing In Austin, TX

Perks of Working With a Corporate Lodging Company

A corporate lodging company will know much more than executive housing in Austin—they will have an intimate knowledge of the layout of the city and key business areas in which guests will most likely require a stay. The two main business districts in Austin are downtown and The Domain.

Downtown Austin is in the heart of the city and is home to established businesses, new builds, the Texas Capitol, and the University of Texas campus. Although there is vehicle traffic in this area, many prefer to travel by foot. One of the city’s main thoroughfares, Congress, is lined with a unique collection of restaurants and shops.

The Domain is on the north side of town and is known for its large outdoor retail area that is near a business complex. Many of the businesses in this area are technology based. Whether on their lunch break or looking for leisure activities, guests can visit a fantastic selection of restaurants and find high-end shopping opportunities.

With the help of the right corporate lodging company, you can find executive housing in Austin that is more than just a place to stay, it’s a place to call home.