When traveling for business, fully furnished apartments should offer the best in comfort and amenities. One of the best ways to achieve comfort is with high-quality furnishings, and plenty of them. The busy professional should have access to all the comforts of home, which is why reputable corporate apartment providers place so much emphasis on the details, including the furnishings.

The Benefits Of Fully Furnished Apartments

Fully furnished apartments benefit the tenant in multiple ways. With every room completed with furniture and the necessary accessories, tenants can utilize every room of their apartment the moment they walk through the door.  Residents don’t need to bring anything other than their personal belongings with them. This is a unique feature of corporate apartments, although many hotels will claim to be fully furnished, they rarely offer a full kitchen, or even a separate living and sleeping space, which is stretching the definition of “fully furnished” a bit too far.

Fully furnished apartments represent the closest thing to home a professional can find while on assignment, and they certainly do feel like home. What comes with a fully furnished corporate apartment to ensure that is the case?

  1. Living room: Living room furniture includes a sofa and chairs, a coffee table, end tables, extra lighting, a modern television stand and flat screen television.
  2. Bedroom – Bedroom furniture includes a king size bed, nightstands, a dresser, a work desk and a flat screen television.
  3. Kitchen – Corporate apartments are built with full size kitchens, so they come with essential large and small appliances, including a full refrigerator, stove with oven, a microwave, toaster, coffee maker and more. Kitchens are also filled with cookware, dishware, glassware and utensils, so professionals can prepare their own meals at any time. If desired, the kitchen can also be stocked with groceries prior to arrival, offering another level of convenience.

Corporate apartments are also built with large floorplans. These floorplans are similar to the kind you would find in any upscale residential community. In other words, they don’t compromise on space and can be scaled up or down to fit a resident’s needs. If, for example, a professional wants to bring their family with them, the only comfortable option is a fully furnished apartment.

Are all fully furnished apartments the same?

Even among luxury properties, there can be significant differences from one location to another. Some of these differences are due to the surrounding area, while others are just intrinsic to the properties themselves. A property located close the city center may appeal more to adventurous, younger professionals. But those with families, or people traveling for medical reasons, may prefer a quieter location away from the hustle and bustle.

And what about differences in floorplans, amenities or leasing terms? There’s a lot to consider before committing to any residential community, which is why professionals and anyone who needs a temporary place to stay should consider working with a lodging solutions provider.

Corporate apartments are almost always part of a larger apartment community, which provides residences to short-term and long-term tenants alike. As such, it’s not always clear which apartments have space available. It’s rare for an apartment to advertise this is in an obvious way, which puts people in a tough position. In a major city, there may be hundreds of apartment communities. Which ones are available to short-term tenants? This is where a lodging solutions provider like can make the transition seamless and comfortable.

A reputable lodging solutions provider partners with many communities to offer their clients plenty of choices. Choose to work with a company that offers Class A communities, which means they are located in close proximity to many restaurants, grocery stores, retail centers and schools. The Class A communities will offer the best in high-quality furnishings and amenities, which will make even the discerning professional feel right at home.

Of course, to really be considered a luxury property, it needs to provide more than just quality furnishings and plenty of space. It will also need to provide the best in customer service. People require fully furnished apartments for a variety of reasons. Busy professionals have to handle work in a strange city, families may have to travel to seek medical care for a loved one, or a tenant may have been forced out of their home due to a natural disaster. Whatever the reason, quality customer service can truly make the difference.

Make sure the company you work with has an open line of communication. Whether via phone or e-mail, the company should respond to every service request and come up with creative solutions when needed. Corporate apartment providers know that their clients have unique needs and a shortage of time. If groceries need to be bought and delivered, if furnishings need to be replaced, if a lease needs to be altered with little notice, the company should be able do it. That’s the kind of worry free customer service that sets corporate apartments and hotels apart.

Fully furnished apartments are fully featured apartments. They are turnkey residential solutions for people who need everything taken care of, so they can focus on more important matters.