The technology boom is driving thousands of startup businesses and entrepreneurs to Texas’ capital, increasingly making an Austin furnished apartment one of the most attractive components of a modern-day executive’s business trip. The comfortable and homey feel of this type of temporary housing offers the same relaxed vibe that this city is known for and offers a number of perks unique to corporate lodging. From where to stay to what to do during your time in Austin, Murphy’s Corporate Lodging can help!

Let Us Help You Find A Furnished Apartment In Austin!

The Austin Furnished Apartment Trend

With the passing of each year in Austin, dozens of businesses choose to call this city home. It is considered to be one of the most coveted locations for entrepreneurial and startup companies. Many of the companies here are also recognized for their outstanding company culture and work environment.  With business booming, the number of traveling executives making their way to Austin is on the rise, and with it the demand for temporary housing.

Austin features a wonderfully unique combination of small town and relaxed ambiance. This energy can translate well to the laid back and comfortable feel of an Austin furnished apartment, making it a favorite of traveling business professionals.

With tasteful decor and modern conveniences such as free parking, full kitchen and laundry appliances in each unit, spacious living areas, and more, it is no surprise that fully furnished apartments are trending among seasoned travelers.

Benefits of Staying in a Furnished Apartment

Traveling for days or weeks away from home can come with unique challenges. This is why corporate lodging companies expertly create living spaces designed to make guests feel right at home in an Austin furnished apartment. Housing companies work diligently to cater to guests by aiming to provide a worry-free lodging experience.

Housing providers know that customers often have a wide range of choices within the hospitality industry, which is why corporate lodging companies frequently go the extra mile to provide some perks guests don’t always find if booking with the competition.

  • Tailored customer service. Since travel is the cornerstone of their business, corporate lodging companies consider it their job to anticipate their guests’ needs. Clients should expect around the clock service and a focused attention to detail.
  • Inviting and comfortable décor. Being on the road does not have to equate to a sterile, cookie cutter living environment. An Austin furnished apartment should showcase tasteful and comfortable décor, a spacious living area, and modern technology conveniences.
  • Free parking. With Austin being the seat of state government, home to a top university, and headquarters for growing businesses, parking can sometimes be hard to come by. By staying at a corporate apartment in close proximity to a temporary office, guests can benefit from free parking at the apartment complex and may enjoy a short and invigorating walk to work.
  • Comforts of home. Most fully furnished corporate apartments also feature a fully equipped kitchen, washer, and dryer. The ability to cook and do laundry whenever time allows is a coveted convenience for a business executive on the go.
  • Limited grocery service. A good corporate lodging company may also provide limited grocery service for an additional fee. This can include stocking a refrigerator and pantry with a few basic items to buy business executives some time until they can get to the grocery store.
  • Early mornings and a full day of work can make tidying up a challenge. For most corporate apartments, housekeeping is a standard.
  • Guests of a furnished apartment should expect to have access to the complex swimming pool, workout room, and business center.
  • Place to unwind or entertain. A homey Austin furnished apartment can be perfect for unwinding after a long day or for entertaining co-workers, friends, or family.

Let Us Help You Find A Furnished Apartment In Austin!

How to Find an Austin Furnished Apartment

This city is famous for its laid-back vibe and neighborhood feel, but the fact remains that the heart of the city and its surrounding areas continue to grow at a steady pace. With thousands of business professionals traveling here each year, finding available temporary housing that meets your specific lodging needs can be challenging if you don’t know where to look.

When it comes to finding a furnished apartment that is suitable for the savvy business executive, one of the best places to look is in the main business districts of the city. Specific to Austin, the two primary business districts are Downtown and the Domain District. Many traveling professionals select an Austin furnished apartment at one of the below complexes:

Apartments In The Domain District

Apartments Downtown Austin

By working with a reputable corporate lodging company, those traveling for business can have the proverbial upper hand when it comes to finding housing. These companies are dedicated to serving business professionals and catering to their specific lodging needs.

In addition, a good corporate housing company will be intimately familiar with the layout of the city and should be able to find guests an Austin furnished apartment that will be in close proximity to their temporary office. This valuable wisdom can save guests from an extended commute time that has a tendency to make the workday feel even longer.


By enlisting the help of a corporate lodging company to help you find an Austin furnished apartment, a stay in the city can feel more like a work vacation.