How can I find furnished apartments near me when my temporary assignment is extended?

You just got a call from your supervisor that your week-long assignment in another city has been extended and the project will require you to be in town for another month. Looking around the cramped hotel room and trying to tune out the kids running up and down the hallway, you realize that there’s got to be something better available. This is where corporate lodging solutions come in. These companies specialize in corporate furnished apartments in upscale communities, which will provide the ideal setting for you to focus on work in peace and quiet, and fully relax in your off time.

Need a Furnished Apartment? Let Us Help!

How can a corporate lodging provider help find furnished apartments near me?

These companies work with upscale, Class A properties in the best neighborhoods, so they are easily able to match a client with the appropriately sized unit for their needs in a walkable location with the best amenities. A quick phone call is all that’s needed to get into a premium, fully furnished apartment.

Not only does this turn-key solution come with premium furnishings and plenty of space, they also have full kitchens with everything needed to prepare a meal, which can be comforting after a week of fast food and eating on the run.

5 Things 5o Consider When Looking for Furnished Apartments Near Me

Once you have determined how many miles away from the jobsite you are willing to look, consider asking these questions when contacting the corporate lodging specialist:

  1. Is there a minimum stay requirement?
  2. What are the included amenities?
  3. Are utilities included in the price?
  4. Are housekeeping services available?
  5. Is someone available if a problem arises in the middle of the night?

The answers to these questions will help guide you in choosing the ideal place to stay for the remainder of your assignment.

Need a Furnished Apartment? Let Us Help!

What do furnished apartments near me include?

Fully furnished corporate apartments are designed to feel like home. They feature premium furnishings, including king size beds in separate bedrooms, dedicated workspaces, modern artwork and decor, flat-screen televisions, full kitchens and plenty of space. These units also include all utilities and Wi-Fi for full convenience. Flexible leasing terms and 24/7 guest services are also included. These upscale apartment communities have swimming pools, business centers, fitness centers and more, so their tenants have everything they need to take care of business and themselves.

Since these apartments are in Class A communities, they are in close proximity to the things you may need during your stay, including transportation, various entertainment options, a variety of restaurants and convenient grocery stores.

Some corporate lodging companies will even offer some form of transportation and/or limited grocery service, making this an ideal arrangement. Be sure to ask about housekeeping options as well, as many of these companies offer bi-weekly cleaning services for their tenants.

If your short-term assignment has been unexpectedly extended, don’t settle for a noisy, cramped hotel room any longer. Do a quick internet search for “furnished apartments near me” and discover the upscale options available for maximum comfort and convenience.