Employers have a few lodging options when their employees need to temporarily relocate to a new city, and furnished business apartments should head the list. furnished rentals take much of the hassle out of finding a place to live, and that’s only the start. Corporate housing is designed to be as convenient and comfortable as possible for traveling executives, project managers and other important decision makers. Hotels and lodging options that require a longer lease may promise comfort as well, but they can’t deliver on it like furnished business apartments can. If a project rests on an employee’s productivity, then there is no better lodging solution as the spacious, comfortable setting is ideal for productivity.Furnished Business Apartment In Houston

What puts furnished business apartments ahead of other lodging options?

Comfort and convenience are the primary advantages, but they aren’t the only ones. Here are some other benefits to consider when your employee needs an extended place to live:

  1. Cost – Cost is always going to be a factor, even when money isn’t much of a concern. It’s understandable that some employers may thing that a short term, furnished apartment would have to be too expensive. Fortunately, that’s not the case at all. In fact, the leasing flexibility that comes with a short term apartment helps companies control costs. These apartments are aimed at the professional who may be in town for only a few weeks, such is the nature of businessmen and women who have to take their talents on the road.Apartment communities that offer short term leasing options realize the temporary nature of their tenants, and work with them. Where a traditional, unfurnished apartment may require a leasing commitment of at least a year, furnished business apartments don’t come with this same expectation. Instead, they are often available for a period as brief as a single month.

Employers don’t have to commit long term if it’s unnecessary, and this allows companies to spend only what they need to spend to keep their employees housed.

  1. Speed – Moving is a time consuming, exhausting process. If an employee is expected to move into a standard unfurnished home, it’s going to take much longer for them to get settled and be able to focus on work. This much effort doesn’t make sense if the employee is only staying for a few weeks or months, but some businesses still put their workers in this unenviable position.Furnished business apartments are turnkey lodging solutions. Tenants require little more than their clothes, toiletries and any personal items they want to have on hand. That’s a much easier move than transporting furniture and household goods. By going with a furnished apartment over an unfurnished option, employees can transition quickly and get on task right away. There’s no need to spend days or weeks packing, loading up trucks and waiting for them to arrive hundreds of miles away. Traveling professionals aren’t sapped of their energy, either, when moving into a furnished apartment. Everything is already there and ready for use. A professional can arrive Friday and be fully ready for work on Monday. That’s not usually the case for workers that have to make a total move.
  2. Responsive service – Furnished business apartments are best found through a lodging provider. There are many reasons why this approach makes the most sense for a company, and one of the most compelling is the additional layer of customer service that comes with the apartment.Traveling professionals have little time to fuss with their apartment. Even routine tasks like laundry and cleaning often have to be pushed to the back burner. There is certainly little room for more pressing issues, like maintenance. This time crunch is the reason why lodging solutions providers offer their clients a direct customer service line. Whenever a tenant needs assistance, someone should be available.
  1. Additional perks – Many furnished business apartments offer bi-weekly housekeeping, which can help reduce the day to day load on especially busy professionals. These units include premium provisions and furnishings, which means higher quality household items, furniture, décor, appliances and kitchenware. Utilities are all-inclusive, as well, so tenants have everything they need from day one.These units are located in the most desirable neighborhoods in every city. That’s why they are considered Class A communities. Residential properties only earn that distinction if they are in close proximity to restaurants, grocery stores, schools and other important businesses and institutions. In short, professionals don’t have to drive far to get everything they need.
  2. Room to roam – Space hasn’t always been a priority for traveling professionals, but more businessmen and women are traveling with their families. Professionals with a family in tow need more than a single bedroom and bathroom, and more than a cramped floorplan can offer. Fortunately, these apartments are flexible on space, offering multiple bedrooms and plenty of square footage. Whether traveling alone or with an entire family, there is a floorplan that offers enough space for everyone.

Furnished business apartments are the better option for companies and their important personnel. It’s always a challenge adjusting to a new city for work purposes, but short term apartments make the adjustment an easier, smoother one.

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