Executives are accustomed to the best. And that often carries over into their requirements for executive housing when they are on an extended trip from home.  They are not accustomed to looking to compromise, especially when it comes their lodging. Fortunately, with the right corporate housing provider, compromise is not necessary.

Executive Housing For Corporate Travelers

Often executives spend extensive time traveling, making them experts on quality accommodations. Seasoned corporate housing companies know this too and will work tirelessly to ensure their clients’ standards are not only met, but exceeded.


Executive housing is a perfect fit for the most discerning professional

High-powered professionals need a place where they can focus, make tough decisions, and keep several teams moving in the same direction. As such, executives need a place that they can feel comfortable and rejuvenate. These accommodations are intended for professionals who will stay only temporarily, though this stay can range from a few weeks to as long as a year or more. Unlike standard lodging options, where space and functionality are minimal, executive housing is designed for complete living. What does that mean, exactly?

  1. Luxuriously furnished apartment unitsExecutives can expect furnishings with every lodging option, but executive housing units have upgrades from standard furnishings. There isn’t just a single bed and a couch. Instead, these units are carefully and thoughtfully organized and furnished. Where a hotel will only provide furnishings to the point where the room is minimally functional, these luxury units come with those special touches that make every room feel like part of a larger home.And there is no skimping on the furnishings. The master bedroom comes with a king size bed, there are multiple seating options in the living room, the kitchen is set up with ample counter space and everything needed to prepare meals, there’s a work area available with a large desk, and plenty of room for storage and relaxing.Executive housing is constantly updated with new furnishings and décor, so it always feels modern and fresh. In short, it’s not just about function with these high-end lodging options, though function is clearly important. It’s also about form and aesthetics. And when it comes to achieving excellent productivity, it’s things like harmonious décor or a beautiful view that can make a real difference.
  2. Flexible availability – Decision makers like to keep things open in case a contingency needs to be deployed. For many, that same approach is translated to their personal life, like with their temporary lodgings. Projects start and end, often with little warning, so an executive must always be prepared to extend their stay or terminate it with minimal notice.Some lodging options don’t allow for this, but it isn’t a concern with executive housing as it is designed to form to the guest, and not the other way around. Flexible leasing terms are standard, and if a lease needs to be extended, there’s no headache involved. And if a lease needs to be ended prematurely, it’s not going to cost the executive or their company a fortune. Corporate lodging providers know that if they put their guests in a tough situation, they won’t come back. Beyond comfort, executives need flexibility.
  3. Corporate Apartments Located in prime areas There’s always plenty of work to be done, but even the most driven professionals need time to decompress. While some may choose to enjoy their time off in the unit, many communities are located in areas with plenty of entertainment options.These communities are found in the most affluent and most interesting parts of town. Plenty of restaurants and high-end retail shops are expected, but significant points of interest, like museums, sports stadiums and other attractions are typically within easy driving distance. Getting out may not always be an option, but when it is, most would prefer to have options close to the unit.
  4. Accommodations comfortable enough for the whole family – An increasing trend in the professional world has been executives traveling with their families. Women, in particular, report that they frequently bring their families along with them for work trips, and this figures to only become more common with time. For these executives, a hotel isn’t going to cut it.But executive housing, with its extra space, additional rooms and superior amenities, make for an excellent option for entire families. And some even choose to bring the dog along, because many corporate communities have dog parks on the premises.Hotels don’t offer much in the way of floorplan flexibility. They tend to be annoyingly similar in how they are arranged and how much (or little) space they offer. But executive housing is far more versatile in this regard, and professionals can scale their space and layout needs up or down depending on who is traveling with them.
  5. An elite level of customer service – Executive housing communities, and the lodging solutions providers that partner with them, are ready to step up and fulfill any request a guest may have.In addition to frequent housekeeping and enthusiastic customer service, these units typically provide concierge services. If groceries need to be picked up and put away in the pantry, that can be done. If something needs to be delivered or a phone call made, that is also available.

Executive housing is incomparable in the comfort, function and location it offers guests. If maximum luxury and minimal hassle are the priorities, then executive housing should be the clear choice.

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