When it comes to deciding where to stay in Dallas for business, location is key. Considering the thriving corporate culture in Dallas, finding lodging near a business professional’s temporary workplace is recommended. For most of these people, this translates into a stay in downtown Dallas, uptown Dallas, Irving, or Richardson.

The modern city of Dallas is the ninth largest in the United States and the third largest in Texas. This grand town of western royalty has a population of more than one million, and that number increases if including the areas located just along the outer city limits.

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Corporate Apartment In Dallas!

Though many only know it from the twentieth century television drama of Dallas, this modern city is not all cowboys and ranches as it was once portrayed.  The city is also home to a number of renowned universities, museums, art galleries, a presidential library, and a variety of large corporations.

The corporate culture in the greater Dallas area is flourishing as evidenced by the iconic city skyline.  Currently, it is estimated that twenty or more Fortune 500 companies call the city home. Some of these companies include AT&T, ExxonMobil, JC Penney, Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments, and Walmart.  These companies and others are responsible for thousands of the city’s annual business travelers.

Numerous state highways and multiple airports make traveling to this busy Texas city a cinch. Dallas Love Field and Dallas/Ft. Worth International are the main airports serving the area. Dallas Love Field is about twenty minutes from downtown and serves an estimated seven million passengers annually.  Dallas/Ft. Worth International, commonly called by its initials of DFW, is one of the largest and busiest airports in the world and is also roughly twenty minutes from downtown. Transportation in the form of rental cars, taxis, buses, or shuttles are usually available at these airports.

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Corporate Apartment In Dallas!

Considerations for Where to Stay in Dallas

When considering where to stay in Dallas there are a number of options available, but they are not necessarily equal. Most traveling for business will opt for either a hotel or corporate lodging near their temporary place of work to avoid losing valuable time to rush hour traffic.

While hotels will fit the bill for an overnight stay, there are several things to take into consideration when making a reservation.  The thousands of tourists coming to Dallas each year need a place to stay too, and many of them will opt to stay at local hotels. Hotels typically also play host to wedding guests or amateur sports teams that are traveling for competitions. More often than not, these guests do not keep regular business hours, which may increase the risk of late-night noise as well as bothersome elevator and hall traffic. Parking can also be problematic at hotels that are located in the heart of downtown.

These challenges of where to stay in Dallas have modern business professionals frequently opting to stay in a furnished corporate apartment. These facilities are typically owned by companies that specialize in catering to those traveling for business via their unique amenities.

A good corporate apartment location will offer basic amenities of onsite parking, fully furnished living and sleeping areas, and housekeeping.  Many of these complexes also offer a luxurious pool, lounging area, courtyard and a grilling area.

Because work doesn’t always get finished during office hours, guests can expect to find a fully furnished business center that offers basic technology required to work well past the five o’clock hour. If given enough advance notice, most of these companies are willing to do whatever they can to accommodate additional business needs for guests.

For the business professional that is working long hours, food can become almost an afterthought.  Corporate lodging facilities understand this and even expect it, which is why they offer fully functioning and furnished kitchens, with everything needed to prepare a meal. These amenities allow the guest some flexibility in what they eat and when they eat it, without disrupting the flow of their work.

Perhaps the most attractive thing about a corporate apartment for serious business professionals is the sense of privacy and solitude. Most of the guests in these upscale apartments are in town on business, which frequently eliminates late-night noise and activity coming from those who are not.

To streamline future travel plans and determining where to stay in Dallas, or even nationwide, consider making arrangements with a corporate lodging specialist that is part of a national chain. This convenience makes last minute business trips easier to coordinate and assures the consistent creature comforts of home.

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Corporate Apartment In Dallas!

Things to Do in Dallas

Dallas is a large city that caters to almost every personality, as evidenced by the estimated twenty-five million visitors that come to the area each year. In fact, the Dallas-Fort Worth Arlington Metroplex is one of the top leisure destinations in Texas. While in the greater Dallas area on business, be sure to visit some of these top tourist favorites in your downtime:

  • Highland Park Village: Shopping here is no ordinary retail experience.  This enormous complex is a luxurious high-end retail center that allows shoppers access to premier stores and dining establishments tucked amongst charming and exquisite outdoor sitting areas and gardens.
  • Galleria: For those that prefer an indoor shopping experience, head to Dallas’ famous Galleria.  Home to the country’s tallest indoor Christmas tree during the month of December, the Galleria offers the consummate shopping experience with a wide variety of stores that offer everything from modern glamour to classy western fashion.
  • Dallas Arts District: In the heart of downtown is the Dallas Arts District. This posh complex is home to performance centers, music concerts, museum exhibits, shopping, and fine dining.
  • Sports: Avid sports fans will appreciate that Dallas has a team for almost every major sport.  Depending on the season a traveler visits the city, they may enjoy attending a Dallas Cowboys football game, a Dallas Stars hockey game, a Dallas Mavericks basketball game, or a Texas Rangers baseball game. For those that negotiate their best business deals on the links, Dallas is home to a number of beautiful golf courses.
  • Six Flags Over Texas: Thrill seekers will enjoy a day at the amusement park of Six Flags Over Texas. With dozens of heart pounding rides to choose from, a day spent here is sure to shake the monotony of the work week.

When choosing where to stay in Dallas, work with a corporate lodging specialist that can find the ideal apartment regardless of the length of your stay.