Corporate Lodging Is So Much More Than A Hotel!

So you’ve visited a new city for business, and your hotel stay has been nice enough. The room was a bit cramped and you had to move your work off the bed before you could go to sleep, but you understand that space is at a premium in this town. You enjoyed the nearby restaurants for the first few nights, but you’ve grown tired of the same menus. It didn’t take long before you started to look forward to the end of the project just so you could go home and feel like yourself again. No matter how nice a hotel may be, it’ll never feel like home. The novelty soon wears off leaving you longing for your routine and some normalcy.

When checkout day finally arrives, the bill is much more than expected. You’ve been quoted a rate, and you’d allocated your per diem accordingly. But you hadn’t given much thought to the $15 daily WiFi charge, the gym fee for the one day you had the time to work out, the $12 per day parking charge for the rental car, the outrageous 20% hospitality tax, the pay-per-view you watched, the hotel laundry and the expensive yet unimpressive breakfasts and room service meals.

Corporate lodging offers so much more than a hotel ever could, and Murphy’s will provide it all for the price you were quoted. You’ll have your own apartment with a spacious floor plan, your own washer and dryer and the highest quality amenities designed to anticipate your every need. Your comfort is our goal, and we’re experts at reaching it. How do we do it?

  • Free parking—You’ll always have adjacent, free parking with a Murphy’s apartment home.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen—Full-sized appliances, premium cookware, a complete range of utensils, our own housewares—these are all waiting for you in your temporary home. Cook your own meals, heat up your take out, microwave some popcorn or store a selection of your morning yogurt in the fridge. Now you have options!
  • Pet-friendly homes—It’s so hard to leave him behind, isn’t it? He always knows when you’re taking off, and he turns those sad, eyes on you, silently begging. Well, pack the leash and his treats because he’s welcome in your temporary home! Bringing him along will lower your stress and make you both happier while you do what you need to do. You’ll find a lush green space for him to run around and do what he needs to do. And we aren’t dog-centric—we cordially invite your best friend, whoever that might be.
  • Single point of contact for corporate accounts—Whatever your needs may be, a designated account coordinator is standing by to help. We can also help accommodate accounts in multiple cities, states and countries to make various projects seamless.
  • Regular housekeeping—Our team of detail-oriented housekeepers will visit twice a week to keep your temporary home clean and fresh. If you would prefer more or less frequent attention, we’d be happy to arrange it.
  • 24-hour support—Our customer service professionals are available to help you with whatever you need, 24/7.
  • Large, flat-screen TV—Each Murphy’s apartment contains at least one large, flat-screen television. You’ll find modern ports where you can plug in the device that connects you to Netflix or that mirrors your screen for collaborating with colleagues.
  • King sized bed—Stretch out after a long day and get comfy with our premium linens on a king-sized bed. There’s plenty of room for you to relax and get a great night’s sleep.
  • One all-inclusive price—No hidden fees, no upcharges, no hospitality taxes, no parking charges, no surprises. The price you were quoted is the price you will pay. Period.

A corporate apartment is the best approximation of home you’ll find on your travels. Murphy’s makes every effort to offer you a home away from home that is comfortable and inviting as well as efficient and workable. We’ve been doing this for over 50 years, so we’ve thought about what you’ll need before you need it. We’ve got your living space completely covered, freeing you up to concentrate on your work.

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