Feel At Home With Hand Selected Furnishings In Your Corporate Apartment

When it comes to corporate housing, it is the collective experience with added special touches such as hand selected furnishings in your corporate apartment that make it one of the fastest growing trends for lodging in business travel today. Those traveling for business can secure lodging almost anywhere but finding housing that caters specifically to a business executive can be unique to corporate housing, in everything from amenities to multi room living spaces to hand selected furnishings can be unique to corporate housing.

Why Hand Selected Furnishings Sets Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates Apart

If you’ve traveled much for work, you know that some overnight lodging can feel like a cookie cutter room with the standard basics of a bed, nightstand, desk, and bathroom. While somewhat functional, these basics are just that—basics. This may leave some guests yearning for more time outside of their lodging than in it.

Fortunately, this is not a concept that corporate lodging companies subscribe to. Fully furnished corporate apartments consist of several living areas including a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and dining area. With plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the space, décor and high-quality hand selected furnishings become an integral part of the overall experience.

Think of it this way. You are on a business trip and can choose one of the following lodging options:

  • A one room living space with limited walking room, a desk/dresser/television stand lining the length of one wall with a bed and two symmetrical lamps on the other, and several prints hanging on the wall that you also saw downstairs and in another room.
  • A multi room living space with increased square footage, logically and aesthetically placed furniture, unique prints hanging on the wall in each room that match that room’s décor, and a myriad of special touches including plush and comfortable furniture reminding you of home.

Which one would you choose? Although this example speaks for itself, it is worth mentioning that hand selected furnishings equal luxury and a more pleasant atmosphere for discerning business professionals.

Creating An Inviting Living Area Inside Corporate Apartments

Although there is no replacement for actually being at home, staying at a reputable corporate lodging property when on the road for work can come in at a close second. Not only do corporate lodging companies know how to cater specifically to their business minded guests, they also understand the concept of interior design and how it can completely change the look and feel of a space.

Some of the ways Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates works tirelessly to make every corporate apartment feel more like home include hand selected furnishings and focusing on the following:

  • Natural light
  • Window treatments
  • Soft interior lighting
  • Inviting entryway
  • Welcoming furniture arrangements
  • Plush and comfortable furniture
  • Throw pillows
  • Appropriate storage to keep clutter to a minimum
  • High quality towels and linens
  • Artwork that matches the décor and makes a statement

Even if two rooms were to have the same functional pieces of furniture such as a couch, chair, coffee table, and television stand, guests more often than not will gravitate toward the room that incorporates a hand selected feel to their furnishings rather than the room lacking a touch of interior design.

How you feel when you are in a space can impact your delight with the space and the entire corporate housing experience. Just because you are traveling for work does not mean you have to sacrifice by staying in a dark, cramped hotel room.

In addition to these special touches of design, bi-weekly housekeeping and around the clock customer service should come standard for corporate housing guests as together, they can enhance a guest’s overall lodging experience.

Hand Selected Furnishings In Your Corporate Apartment

Corporate lodging companies understand that some of their guests could end up making an extended stay in one of their apartments, which is one of the reasons why hand selected furnishings are so crucial. Guests need a space to relax in after a long day at the office that acts as a respite from the outside world, whether it is for a day or several months.

In order for a modern corporate apartment to truly feel like a retreat, guests should expect to see the following hand selected furnishings:

Living Room

  • Sleek and comfortable sofa
  • Roomy and relaxing chair
  • Large high definition flat screen television
  • Modern cocktail table or ottoman
  • Contemporary end tables with soft lamps
  • Artwork that acts as a conversation piece

Dining Room

  • Classic dining table with four stylish chairs or bar stools
  • Modern dining accents including tableware


  • Quality mattress and headboard
  • Premium bedding and pillows
  • Inspiring artwork
  • Sleek nightstands
  • Large high definition flat screen television


  • Plush bath mats
  • Soft and high quality bath towels
  • High quality and stylish shower curtain


  • Decorative touches that enhance the room’s atmosphere (kitchen towels, hot pads, decorative canisters)
  • High quality cookware
  • High quality appliances (toaster, refrigerator, coffee maker, stove with oven)
  • Knife block for cooking

Details are important in business and in corporate lodging. And much like in business, not having those details checked off can understandably be a deal breaker for some guests. Make cold and unwelcoming hotel rooms a thing of the past by choosing a corporate lodging company that incorporates luxury details.

When it is time to make arrangements for your next business trip, consider how hand selected furnishings in your corporate apartment can make all the difference in your stay. If you have additional questions or are ready to book a stay today, Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates is ready to assist you.