Find Furnished Apartments Using A Corporate Lodging Provider

Find Furnished Apartments Nationwide

Whatever your reason for traveling—business, vacation, family obligation or retreat—and for however long, furnished apartments will always be preferable over hotel rooms. This goes a long way in explaining the recent boom in short-term home rentals. But people don’t always think to reserve a furnished apartment instead of the more predictable alternatives, and they are missing out. Murphy’s Corporate lodging provides guests with key advantages that neither hotels nor vacation rentals can, advantages that savvy travelers have leveraged for years. Those looking to find furnished apartments can reap the benefits when working with a company that specializes in Class A properties.

What can those trying to find furnished apartments expect when working with a corporate lodging specialist?

  • Comfort

Corporate apartments are designed to stand in for home, so they are loaded with all its comforts. A fully stocked kitchen with all appliances and utensils needed to prepare a home-cooked meal, a bedroom separate from the living area, plenty of space to relax, a real full-sized closet, technology adaptable to your own, premium furniture chosen for comfort as well as efficiency, professional decor and multiple bedrooms, if required, await you with a level of privacy and security that a hotel or AirBNB just can’t provide. It’s your home for the duration of your visit, so you can live here, not just stay here.


  • Convenience

Open the door, step inside and you’re home. Unpack, put your things where you like, and relax in your premium furnishings. Do your laundry when you want without having to leave your apartment. You won’t be digging around for the mismatched, cheap set of silverware left over from a stranger’s college days while the good stuff is locked away; the amenities in your home were chosen by decorators to serve your needs. Quality pots and pans, sheets and towels and beds, chairs and a comfortable sofa are what you’ll have in your home away from home.

  • Cost

Have you ever looked closely at a hotel or vacation rental bill? You probably had questions about fees you never agreed to and taxes that often add 20% to what you thought you’d pay. When you work with a corporate lodging specialist to find a furnished apartment, you’re essentially paying rent, so the price you’re quoted is what you will pay. No surprises. No “hospitality” taxes. No added gym fees. No utility bills. No parking fees. No mini-fridge fees. No laundry costs or room service, and no gratuities, resort fees or phantom surcharges. Just what you agreed to pay upfront. Hotels and vacation rentals cannot match the price of a furnished apartment in the first place, and they certainly can’t compete in the fine print.


Corporate lodging specialists offer professional 24-hour service to handle any need you have, including unexpected repairs. The concierge is available to help arrange or rearrange aspects of your stay. The convenient app will check you in and out and point you to restaurants and other services nearby. Your needs are a priority, and an in-house team of experienced personnel and your corporate contact stand ready to assist you. The company can arrange housekeeping when you want, as often as you want. A team of travel experts will help you save money and facilitate collaboration.


Let’s face it—plans can unexpectedly change. It isn’t convenient for anyone involved, but transportation fails, work projects end with no warning or expand indefinitely, and life is just unpredictable. When the stress of these things happen, your lodging should be the least of your concerns. A reputable specialist understands that things happen outside of anyone’s control, and the team will bend to accommodate your changing plans. That level of flexibility simply isn’t available with other lodging options.

When trying to find furnished apartments, work with a company that promises and delivers professionalism, luxury and certainty for the best experience possible.

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