Finding Luxury Furnished Apartments In Houston

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and luxury furnished apartments in Houston are no exception. With the increasing number of business trips Americans are taking each year to growing cities such as Houston, finding comfortable and affordable temporary housing has become a central focus for many traveling executives. Although there are a variety of options within the hospitality industry that can work for short- or long-term stays, luxury furnished apartments in Houston are trending in a big way.


What is a luxury apartment?

Although it may have the word “apartment” in its name, a luxury apartment is a far cry from the type of apartment most of us remember from our off-campus housing days of college. Luxury furnished apartments in Houston earn the name with roomy square footage, classy style, and a number of attractive amenities that cater to the business professional.

While the actual square footage of luxury apartments will vary from site to site, most have a roomy feel to them. Large windows or a wall of windows that offers picturesque views, high ceilings, bright and light décor, and large master bedroom and bath areas all come together to make the unit feel incredibly spacious.

Class is one of the hallmarks of a luxury apartment. This means travelers can generally expect upscale touches outside and inside of the apartment. The exterior often features gorgeous and colorful landscaping while the interior showcases special touches such as modern appliances and tile or wood floors.

Luxury furnished apartments in Houston also typically feature a wide range of amenities including pools, workout areas, and maybe even a spa center. Many of these complexes are also found within close proximity to some of the city’s best entertainment opportunities.

Fully Furnished Apartments for Short- and Long-Term Stays

With attributes like these, it is not hard to understand why today’s business professionals are making arrangements to stay in luxury furnished apartments in Houston. Particularly for long-term stays, this arrangement makes perfect sense. But what about short-term stays?

One of the perks of working with a corporate lodging company is their ability to cater to the business client’s needs. This means accommodating stays of everything from a few days to a couple of weeks or more.

Most travelers would be hard pressed to find another luxury housing option that offers the high level of customer service, upscale and fully furnished surroundings, and amenities. Being away from home is being away from home whether it is a couple of days or a few weeks, and traveling business executives deserve all the comforts of home, regardless of their trip timeline.

How to Find Luxury Furnished Apartments in Houston

Houston is one of the largest cities in Texas, not to mention the nation. From the heart of the city to the surrounding communities and neighborhoods that are a part of Houston, the area covers hundreds of square miles.

When it comes to finding a luxury furnished apartment in Houston, location should be a primary consideration. Business executives should work with a corporate lodging company to find an apartment that meets their specific needs, such as being located close to their temporary office as well as local entertainment options.

The city of Houston generally has several main areas in which luxury apartments are located in key business districts close to leisure activities: The Woodlands, Downtown, Texas Medical Center, Houston Galleria, and the Energy Corridor. Although there are a number of luxury apartment complexes in these areas, a few complexes that corporate travelers should consider include:

Luxury Apartment Amenities

In addition to a first-class temporary housing experience that generally comes with luxury furnished apartments in Houston, a corporate lodging company can match business travelers with a living space that has excellent amenities. By working with a corporate housing company, they can help match your stay to a facility with amenities like some of the below:

  • 24 Hour Customer Service: A corporate lodging company’s main goal is to cater to the client. This means that guests have around the clock customer service to help ensure a positive experience.
  • Free Parking: Particularly when staying in a big city like Houston, parking can be hard to find and expensive. A stay at most luxury apartments includes parking on the premises.
  • Fully Furnished Living Space: Luxury apartments should offer upscale, fully furnished living spaces to guests. While the specific décor may vary from apartment to apartment, renters can expect a roomy and airy atmosphere often conducive to rest as well as entertaining.
  • In Unit Kitchen and Laundry: Part of what makes a place feel like home is being able to cook and do laundry whenever time allows. In keeping with that line of thinking, many luxury furnished apartments in Houston offer full kitchens and washer and dryers, allowing guests to cook and do laundry at their leisure in the comfort of their own space.
  • Pool and Exercise Room Access: For guests of luxury apartments, pool and exercise room access should be standard.

Especially for those who travel often, it is hard to put a price tag on feeling at home when you are away from home. By staying at luxury furnished apartments in Houston, business executives are able to work, stay, and play while enjoying the ultimate travel experience.