How To Book A Stay With Corporate Housing

A record number of people travel each year for business, which necessitates the need for corporate housing. What may not be as cut and dry is how to book with corporate housing. Especially for a business executive that is new to traveling, knowing how to navigate the process can seem overwhelming. The good news is that modern corporate lodging companies can help direct guests through every step of the process and even take it over if a client wishes to delegate the chore altogether.

How To Book With Corporate Housing

Corporate lodging companies are designed to facilitate short- and long-term housing for traveling business executives. To that end, their mission is to serve the consummate business professional in booking their stay and offering luxury amenities.

The options for booking with corporate housing include:

Booking on your own.

Some individuals who travel frequently and work for smaller companies may wish to simply book corporate housing arrangements on their own. This usually entails finding a corporate lodging company, communicating their needs and preferences for a specific trip, and allowing the lodging provider to take it from there. The ability to delegate lodging arrangements can be quite attractive to a busy executive, and those who use a lodging service regularly trust that they can depend on the same excellent customer service and quality amenities each time.

Booking through your company.

Larger companies frequently offer traveling employees a per diem or will coordinate their travels through the company’s preferred corporate lodging provider. Nationwide housing providers are widely utilized by large companies who have confidence that appropriate lodging can be provided wherever their work takes them.

Regardless of which of the above avenues you choose for booking, find a method of communication that works best for you, whether via email, online chat or a phone call.

How To Know If You Need Corporate Housing

If an individual is traveling for business for a project that may take up to two days or more, corporate lodging will be needed for an overnight stay. Not all overnight lodging options are equal, so if you are looking for a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere in a multi room, fully furnished living space that features a personal kitchen and washer and dryer in every apartment, corporate lodging may be the best solution.

Some of the reasons a company might need access to corporate lodging can include:

  • Housing for temporary employees (including interns)
  • Opening of a new field office
  • Housing for employees on short term and long term assignments
  • Business conventions
  • Relocation services for transferred employees
  • Mass trainings
  • Housing for temporary contract workers

Modern day business executives from industries across the board are increasingly choosing corporate lodging. Some of the most common industries served by corporate housing companies include:

  • Accounting and Finance: This industry frequently utilizes corporate lodging for client visits and off-site meetings as well as training seminars and conferences.
  • Construction: Those in the construction industry can travel to oversee the beginning of a new property build or provide temporary assistance for an ongoing project while staying at a corporate apartment.
  • Healthcare: There is an abundance of traveling doctors, surgeons, nurses, hospital administrators and even medical interns within the healthcare industry. Whether they are assisting temporarily at a new site or are attending a training or lecture, corporate lodging is suitable for short term and long term stays.
  • Hospitality: Individuals working within the entertainment, tourism, recreation, and culture branches of the hospitality industry also frequently require lodging wherever their travels take them.
  • Insurance: In dire circumstances such as a natural disaster that misplaces an individual from their home, a fully furnished corporate apartment may be a smart option as lodging companies will try to work with the individual’s insurance company while providing them with the comforts of home in the interim.
  • Legal: Court cases, hearings, depositions, appeals, and more can keep those in the legal industry traveling frequently for days or even weeks at a time.
  • Media: Because the media goes where the story is, corporate housing can be popular because of its comforts of home and flexible rental arrangements.
  • Oil and Gas: Some cities are built almost entirely around energy giants in the oil and gas industry. These business districts frequently host out of town employees and executives, making nearby fully furnished corporate apartments an obvious choice.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Corporate housing is also well suited to the pharmaceutical rep traveling to various cities and states to market their products.
  • Pro Athletes: Whether it is for an away game or a long term sporting event such as the finals, pro athletes often find corporate lodging to be a suitable home away from home while on the road.
  • Recruiters and Human Resources: It is the employees that can make a company work like a well-oiled machine, making travel necessary for recruiters and human resources staff looking to identify and attract corporate talent.
  • Restaurants: Whether it is a grand opening, reopening, or a special event, corporate housing can accommodate those in the restaurant industry that are traveling.
  • Technology: In both large and small cities, the technology industry is booming which often requires business executives to travel overnight for trainings and tech conventions.
  • Transportation: Those individuals who are working in the transportation industry such as airline pilots, flight attendants, and bus drivers are often in need of a place to stay in between destinations, making corporate housing an attractive option.

Why Choose Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is not just a place to stay, it is crafted to be a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that mimics the creature comforts of home. Each corporate apartment is a multi-room living space including a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and dining area which allows guests to divide their time in different areas of the apartment.

In general, most modern executives view corporate lodging to be a much more personalized and relaxing experience geared specifically toward business executives. This is in stark contrast to what is traditionally offered at many hotel chains.

Some of the luxury features that make corporate housing a first choice for many seasoned business travelers are:

Fully furnished apartments

Each apartment should be decorated with the expertise of an interior designer in everything from tasteful modern art to cozy and functional seating.

Flexible Stays

Whether guests require a simple overnight stay or a stay of up to several months, corporate lodging is designed to accommodate both of these requests and everything in between.


With the breakneck speed that business often involves, it can be hard for a guests to keep their living space tidy which is why corporate lodging companies offer bi-weekly housekeeping services. In addition, guests should also have access to individual cleaning kits during the coronavirus pandemic for an added level of protection.

In House Kitchen

Corporate apartments also feature a kitchen area complete with modern appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, refrigerators, and ovens. In addition to appliances, kitchens are also stocked with cookware, tableware, and glassware for convenience.

Washer and Dryer

Laundry can be a time-consuming task amidst a busy schedule, especially if it requires going to a laundromat. Corporate apartment guests can take advantage of an in-house washer, dryer, iron, and ironing board so they can do laundry at their convenience in the comfort of their own living space.

Around the Clock Customer Service

Business never stops, so it only makes sense that customer service for corporate lodging doesn’t either. Guests can access customer service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

If you would like more information on how to book with corporate housing, please contact Murphy’s Corporate Lodging today.

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