Furnished Apartments In Austin, Texas

With an estimated twenty million visitors a year, Austin is quickly becoming a popular destination in Texas. This trendy city has long been known for being the seat of the state government and is home to one of the state’s largest universities, but it is now quickly attracting businesses from across the nation.  Every year, thousands of business executives make their way here for work and are increasingly finding that staying in furnished apartments in Austin can make traveling a first-class experience.


What to Look for in Furnished Apartments in Austin

Being away from home on a business trip can be an inconvenience, but it doesn’t have to be for business travelers who book their stay in a furnished apartment in Austin.  Furnished apartments are designed to give tenants a comfortable home away from home feel, so guests can focus on the work at hand instead of fussing over their temporary housing arrangements.

Guests who stay at furnished apartments in Austin should generally expect the following amenities:

  • Fully furnished apartment including modern furniture, updated décor, and technology
  • Around the clock service
  • A fully equipped kitchen complete with appliances and basic cookware and utensils
  • Housekeeping services
  • Access to the pool area, workout room, and business office
  • Flexible lease terms
  • Close proximity to work and local entertainment
  • Privacy

One of the most attractive amenities to those who travel frequently is a fully equipped kitchen. Eating out for three meals a day can grow tiresome. Having access to a kitchen allows guests to cook for their specific preferences and avoid the added fat and calories that can sometimes come with eating on the road. Some luxury corporate lodging companies will also offer a limited grocery service that will stock a guest’s pantry or refrigerator with key items for an additional fee.

Next to the kitchen, another popular feature is access to modern technology and a business center. Work doesn’t necessarily end once you leave the office, and these conveniences will make bringing work home an easier transition.

Where to Look for Furnished Apartments in Austin

The city of Austin is one of the hottest spots for up and coming businesses. With a number of Fortune 500 and young startup companies creating the business landscape for this area, this Texas town is seeing a notable increase in executive travel.

The business industry tends to dominate two main areas of the city, downtown Austin and near The Domain. If traveling here temporarily for work, focus your search for furnished apartments in Austin specifically in these two parts of town.

Downtown Austin is the heart of the city and bustles with the activity of the University of Texas campus, the Texas Capitol, and hundreds of businesses. A furnished apartment in downtown Austin should put business travelers in close proximity to their temporary office as well as a host of local entertainment options.

Day or night, the Downtown area of Austin offers visitors a wide range of fun activities including a stroll down one of the main streets in the city, Congress. Along this street, visitors can tour many interesting and one of a kind shops, dine at unique restaurants, and as evening falls can see thousands of bats fly into the night from under the bridge. For those that hope to take advantage of the outdoors, enjoy riding a scooter or Segway through town, canoeing or kayaking on Lady Bird Lake, or even taking an early morning jog around the perimeter of the lake.

If looking for furnished apartments in Austin’s northern area, consider The Domain area.  The Domain is a large outdoor retail center that is home to dozens of high-end stores and dining establishments. The area is also home base for many companies, particularly those that are technology-based. Travelers staying near The Domain should be fairly close to work and entertainment, making a visit to Austin more than just a trip for work.

How Corporate Housing Experts Can Help Find Furnished Apartments in Austin

Whether you are new to traveling for work or have done so for years, most business executives find that temporary corporate housing experts can be of great assistance. A reputable corporate lodging company should have years of experience in this area and in cities across the nation. Travelers can save themselves valuable time by letting a knowledgeable company make their lodging arrangements.

A corporate housing expert should be familiar with the city and be able to find a furnished apartment in Austin that is best suited for your specific needs. In addition to securing a stay at a fully furnished apartment, an expert should also be able to select a facility that offers additional needs that a guest might have, such as limited transportation services or a flexible lease.

Particularly for those business executives that travel often for business, finding a corporate lodging company that can facilitate temporary housing in a number of cities across the United States can put travel worries to rest. By working with the same company for each of your work-related trips, you will be familiar with and come to trust the standard of excellence in lodging, customer service, and overall satisfaction that the company provides. This peace of mind makes a business trip to Austin and other locations a breeze when it comes to corporate lodging.

Furnished apartments in Austin can be the perfect way for a business traveler to enjoy the comforts of home, be close to work, and have access to local entertainment, all of which make for a pleasurable traveling experience.