Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates Complimentary Cleaning Kit

As the world eases back into opening up again amidst a pandemic, our guests’ safety is at the forefront of our minds. Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates is dedicated to providing guests with complimentary cleaning kits to enhance their levels of safety and comfort during their stay with us.

Murphy’s Complimentary Cleaning Kit

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates is committed to making sure guests have the available products to clean and disinfect their temporary housing living spaces.

Although we offer housekeeping as a standard amenity for our corporate apartments, we understand the added peace of mind that comes from having antibacterial cleaning agents on hand when needed. This is why we are offering a complimentary cleaning starter kit to our guests.

Each complimentary cleaning kit includes the following:

  • Foam antibacterial soap
  • Bottle of peroxide multi surface cleaner and disinfectant
  • Roll of paper towels
  • Set of disposable hand gloves

One of our goals is to provide clients with a worry-free experience, which is why we are making a cleaning kit for each of our corporate apartments a top priority. Murphy’s is proud to use a three-in-one peroxide multi surface cleaner and disinfectant spray that is EPA registered and does not require any personal protection equipment (PPE) if it is diluted when using. This particular product is said to disinfect in three to five minutes and kill 99.999% of germs when used properly.

What To Clean

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continue to advise individuals to regularly use hand soap to wash their hands and disinfectants to wipe down commonly touched surfaces, when and how you do both can greatly impact their effectiveness.

Although we have been washing our hands since grade school, technique is perhaps now more important than ever. Rinse hands in water before using soap to work up a lather on the hands for at least twenty seconds and then rinse again. COVID-19 has heightened awareness on the importance of stopping the spread of potentially harmful germs, which reminds individuals to wash their hands in the below instances:

  • Before rubbing their eyes
  • Before preparing food or eating it
  • After coughing, sneezing, or blowing their nose
  • After going to the restroom
  • After returning from being outside your regular living space

When it comes to cleaning a living space with disinfectant, it is crucial to use it on the most commonly touched surfaces to help minimize the spread of germs. With a complimentary cleaning kit for each corporate apartment, guests are able to clean whenever they feel appropriate, however, it can be a smart idea to frequently clean high-traffic areas such as the bathroom or kitchen. Commonly touched surfaces guests may want to clean regularly may include:

  • Keys
  • Door knobs
  • Faucet handles
  • Toilet handle
  • Light switches
  • Telephone
  • Countertops
  • Tabletops
  • Knobs of appliances
  • Television remotes

General Tips for Staying Safe

In addition to practicing basic good hygiene skills such as using soap to wash hands for twenty seconds or more and keeping your hands away from your face, other additional steps guests can take may include:

  • Abstaining from handshakes
  • Regularly cleaning commonly touched spaces in their living areas with the disinfectant provided by Murphy’s
  • Avoiding large crowds
  • Wearing a mask

At Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates, our ultimate goal is for our guests to feel like they are at a home away from home when staying in one of our corporate apartments. We value our clients and take their comfort and well-being seriously. Offering a complimentary cleaning kit in addition to housekeeping is just one of the ways Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates is going the extra mile to help protect guests and put them more at ease.