For us it starts with the perfect environment. Our Operations Team has a rigorous inspection system to ensure that any issues from the previous residents are addressed and that everything is in perfect condition. We have had many of our apartments for over 11 years – we have a strong motivation to have a superbly maintained product!

Every other week Housekeeping Service is part of your Murphy’s package. Our highly professional team has many years tenure between them and is actively encouraged to find issues and get them addressed before they even get noticed by our residents.

Guest Services Department…

In 2013, Murphy’s began a new Department solely focused on ensuring a smooth experience for our clients. One of the duties of our GSR representatives is to reach out to our clients within 24 hours of check in to ensure their apartment is in perfect condition and to ensure any challenges with utilities, electronics, etc. can be addressed immediately over the phone.  We have put numerous systems and processes in place that help us continually monitor our service quality levels which guarantees an exceptional experience for our customers.

Customer Feedback…

Murphy’s loves to hear from our clients!  One way we make sure we are continuing to “Raise Our Standards” is through our Client Satisfaction Surveys.  As well as assessing our performance these surveys give us valuable feedback which we use to continually improve the check in experience and helps us ensure that we remain only situated in upscale apartment communities.

Some of the data gathered from our surveys are as follows:

First quarter 2013, Murphy’s received 98 returned survey responses with 99% responding positively to, “Would you recommend Murphy’s Corporate Lodging.”

In addition, in response to, “Overall impression of your Murphy’s Home”, we received over 87% “Outstanding” or “Excellent” rating. We are continually working to make this up to 100%.

Murphy’s is committed to being and remaining the market leader in Houston and beyond and we are putting the resources in place to make sure of this. We ask our clients to raise their living standards so we can exceed them!


Come home to Murphy’s…we look forward to welcoming you!