Murphy’s Corporate Lodging Receives CHPA Accreditation!

A Corporate Housing Providers Association Accreditation, or CHPA Accreditation, is considered to be a gold standard for the corporate lodging industry. To receive this particular designation is not easy and requires years of tireless professionalism, industry engagement, sound financial policies, and excellent service. Murphy’s Corporate Lodging is honored to receive the 2019 CHPA Accreditation so their clients can have confidence in the corporate housing provider, as well as the lodging experience itself.

CHPA Accredited Corporate Lodging Company

Requirements for a Company to Receive a CHPA Accreditation

For a corporate lodging company to receive CHPA Accreditation, it must go through an involved and meticulous review. During the application process, a series of detailed requirements must be met in order to be considered for the accreditation.

Application requirements for CHPA Accreditation generally mandate that the company:

  • Be in good standing with the CHPA
  • Be a member of the association for a minimum of three consecutive years
  • Prove the company’s current and future adherence to the association’s code of ethics
  • Have at least one of the top five company executives possessing a Certified Corporate Housing Professional (CCHP) certification
  • Attend a minimum of one annual or regional conference during the year
  • Participate in CHPA industry data collection efforts and complete a survey
  • Be in good standing in credit reports which includes paying bills in a timely manner, having a low risk credit score, avoiding bankruptcy in the last ten years, documenting all liens and judgements, and keeping outstanding collections under five thousand dollars
  • Have key operational documents in place such as company privacy policy, business continuity plan, and employee handbook
  • Hold a certificate of company insurance of a minimum amount of one million dollars
  • Have access to reference letters from CHPA Associate Partners, CHPA Provider Members, and property managers or corporate clients

Once a company has received this prestigious accreditation, they typically hold the title for the following three years as long as the above standards are continuously met during that timeframe.

Murphy’s Corporate Lodging takes their commitment to providing a top-notch quality housing experience for business executives seriously, which is why they are pleased to have received the CHPA Accreditation.

What it Means to Have CHPA Accreditation

The hospitality industry is growing by leaps and bounds every day in our business centered society.  However, not every lodging option has award winning certifications and accreditations that can set them apart from their industry counterparts.

CHPA Accreditation is one of the most prestigious types of corporate lodging recognition. Only companies that have shown themselves to be historically sound businesses with solid operations that properly safeguard both clients and employees, are eligible to receive this honor after passing an intense review process.

Why CHPA Accreditation Should Matter to Traveling Business Executives

Business executives want to partner with a temporary housing provider that works as hard as they do.  By seeking out the services of a reputable corporate lodging company that features the CHPA Accredited Company designation on their website, marketing materials, and company correspondence, the client can feel more assurance about their lodging experience.

As a CHPA Accreditation recipient, Murphy’s Corporate Lodging clients can have confidence in the company’s:

  • Mission, vision, and goals and objectives
  • Value as a qualified, award winning and accredited housing provider
  • Intricate knowledge of a typical business executive’s lodging needs
  • Ability to pair clients with the right housing solution for their specific needs

In addition to the above, Murphy’s Corporate Lodging is proud to provide their clients with a variety of thoughtful amenities that will enhance their stay. In general, guests can expect the following amenities at most properties:

  • Close Proximity to the Office. This feature is particularly key in large cities that are spread out such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin. A housing property’s close proximity to the client’s temporary office should minimize commute time.
  • Concierge Services. Staff is knowledgeable of and can provide information about the city, including preferred dining and entertainment recommendations.
  • Around The Clock Customer Service. Business never stops, and neither do we. Day or night, Murphy’s provides 24/7 customer service to guests.
  • Free Parking. There is no extra charge for a client to park their car onsite.
  • Fully Furnished Living Space. This feature is coveted by business executives as it offers the creature comforts of home and plenty of space to enjoy them. Furnishings are stylish yet comfortable.
  • Modern Technology. Guests have access to modern electronics and appliances.
  • Tasteful Interior Design. Living spaces are designed to be luxurious, with modern décor and beautiful furnishings, enhancing a guest’s ability to relax.
  • Full Kitchen. Murphy’s corporate apartments feature full kitchens in each unit, which typically include access to a pantry, refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave, as well as pots and pans, dishes, glassware, and flatware.
  • Limited Grocery Service. A business executive’s schedule is packed, which is why we offer an optional limited grocery service to stock a guest’s pantry and refrigerator with the basics until they can make a proper trip to the grocery store.
  • Washer and Dryer. Long stays of a couple of weeks or more often require the ability to do laundry. Instead of spending hours at a local laundromat, Murphy’s Corporate Lodging apartments have a washer and dryer in every unit so guests can do laundry at their convenience.
  • Swimming Pool Access. Clients can get some exercise or simply relax at the swimming pool on property.
  • Exercise Facility Access. Guests can still get in a solid workout by paying a visit to the property’s exercise facility.

Streamline your traveling experience by delegating your lodging arrangements to a CHPA Accredited company like Murphy’s Corporate Lodging so you can be free to focus on the business at hand.