At Murphy’s, we believe in valuing people above all else and it is such a key component of our office culture and the way we do business. We are passionate about giving back so that is why we have added a special reward for the completion of our surveys.

Guests who stay in a Murphy’s Corporate Lodging longer than one week are often asked to participate in our feedback survey. This short questionnaire is an evaluation of the customers experience with us and is an important tool that can help shape the future of our company.

Starting the beginning of November, guests participating in the survey will have the opportunity to give back to an important cause by selecting one of four charities. Each month, Murphy’s Corporate Lodging will donate $250 to the charity with the most votes!

Through out the year, the charities chosen will vary, based on organizations that mean so much to Murphy’s. If you would like to nominate a potential chosen charity, please contact us at