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5 Things to Take Advantage of Right Now With So Many Things Down

Much of the world is under a stay-at-home or shelter in place order amidst the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. With schools and businesses closing in an effort to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19, many of us find ourselves at a loss of just what to do inside the walls of our homes.

While initially our options may seem limited, there are still a number of ways to stay entertained. To effectively do this, consider a shift in your thinking from, “Where can I go and what can I do?” to “How can I make today beautiful?” This simple change in the way that we look at the hours in our day may help as we navigate our current climate.

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Why Hand Sanitizer and Wipes are Sold Out and How to DIY

Perhaps the only thing sweeping the globe faster than the coronavirus is the selling of sanitizing cleaning products that may help reduce the spread of COVID-19 germs. There has been such an overwhelming demand for these items that hand sanitizer and wipes are largely sold out at almost every brick and mortar and virtual store in the nation. If you are one of the thousands of people that is having difficulty finding hand sanitizer and wipes, what can you do?

Many Americans are focusing on proper hand washing and are attempting to make their own disinfectant products. While hand washing is something we are hopefully already familiar with, for it to keep us healthy it must be done correctly. And though there is no shortage of do it yourself (DIY) recipes for hand sanitizer, it is extremely important to exercise caution when working with chemicals. Continue reading “Why Hand Sanitizer and Wipes are Sold Out and How to DIY”

Corporate Housing May Provide Alternatives for Those Stranded by Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

The spread of the coronavirus is changing the world as we know it every single day, including travel restrictions being imposed that have left misplaced corporate executives looking for a long term rental for at least a few weeks, if not months. As the world collectively practices social distancing and outings are largely discouraged, the need to for a business traveler to be comfortable and at home in their place of lodging is more crucial than ever before, and Murphy’s Corporate Lodging stands ready to serve. Continue reading “Corporate Housing May Provide Alternatives for Those Stranded by Covid-19 Travel Restrictions”

Thank You Jennifer!



Thank You Jennifer 

In 2020, Female CEOs remain rare.

But at Murphy’s Corporate Lodging, it’s the way of the world. According to the BI Norwegian Business School women naturally rank higher in their abilities to innovate and lead with clarity and impact.

“If you want anything said, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.” – Margaret Thatcher

Meet our CEO, Jennifer Dillard.

Jennifer drives a customer-first approach through every detail of the Murphy’s Corporate Lodging experience. Her commitment to delivering apartments that guests want to call home has brought continued success to Murphy’s and its clients over her 20-year career with the company.

Since joining Murphy’s in 1995 to launch its first outside sales team, Jennifer has brought an unwavering focus on client care and employee development to the company. These factors have been instrumental in Murphy’s growth across Texas and in the company’s ability to support clients in other cities, both domestically and abroad.

Jennifer began her career studying fashion design and moved into retail sales, which allowed her to learn firsthand that quality is found in the details. Whether she’s personally testing new housewares in her home to ensure they meet Murphy’s standards, mentoring the sales team, or supporting clients, Jennifer is truly invested in Murphy’s success.

Congratulations to Jennifer for her 25 years of dedication to Murphy’s Corporate Lodging. Thank you Jennifer for creating such a harmonious culture in the work place that is filled with laughter, encouragement, positivity, and dogs. 

-Murphy’s Staff 


Spring Break And Fun Things To Do In Texas With Your Kids

Many people traveling to Texas for business may be trying to plan a family vacation for spring break at the same time. Whether your travels take you to Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio, bring the family with you and discover all the fun things to do in Texas with your kids. Let Murphy’s Corporate Lodging help with your accommodations so you can focus on balancing work and fun. Continue reading “Spring Break And Fun Things To Do In Texas With Your Kids”

Why Corporate Housing Is Not Just For The Traditional Business Traveler

While corporate housing is typically geared toward accommodating traveling business executives, this same service is also available and beneficial to those who are not traditional business travelers. In fact, fully furnished corporate housing can be a perfect fit for those traveling for special events that require extended stays.

One such example of this type of special event is The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Texas. This nearly three week long celebration of rodeo culture features one of the world’s largest livestock shows. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has an abundance of activities that last from morning until night with everything from carnival fun to educational opportunities to barrel racing to musical performances by some of today’s hottest artists of various genres. Continue reading “Why Corporate Housing Is Not Just For The Traditional Business Traveler”

Say Yes To Dallas!

Sarah Parker (Dallas Sales Manager) was a guest panelist at the Dallas Regional Chamber for the Say Yes To Dallas campaign on Thursday, February 27, 2020.

Murphy’s Corporate Lodging industry expert Sarah Parker spoke about best practices for intern housing programs as well as the benefits and drawbacks of company paid vs. stipend housing programs. She discussed how the expertise of a trusted corporate housing provider can contribute to better overall housing experience for students. This can be done though the selection of properties in ideal locations that are close to the students work location, while also offering amenities, access to dining, and transit options.

Sarah explained that typically a corporate housing provider should source multiple options with properties that reflect the company culture and that meet the goals of the internship program. She noted that it is important to outline the amenities at each community, upcoming events around the metroplex, modes of transportation and areas of interest for the corporate client.

Sarah also described the flexibility corporate hosing companies can provide for roommate paring and the cost savings this could have. Last, she mentioned that intern retention could benefit when students are able to connect with their roommates outside of the office environment.

The panel consisted of 2 other speakers and a facilitator/moderator.

Facilitator: Mary Beth Nitz – Vice President, Global Consulting Services Altair Global

Panel speaker: Melody Lennox – Vice President of Operatsions, Axxess

Jared Fitzpatrick – Human Resources, Federal Reserve Bank Dallas

The event was presented by BGStaffing and Altrair Global

5 Reasons To Take Advantage Of The Amenities In Your Corporate Apartment

Domestic business travel is booming in the United States and it continues to put the industry of corporate lodging in high demand, with corporate apartments leading the way. Frequent business travelers will benefit from knowing the top five reasons to take advantage of the amenities in a corporate apartment that will help make the most of their stay. Continue reading “5 Reasons To Take Advantage Of The Amenities In Your Corporate Apartment”

3 Reasons A Furnished Apartment Is Better Than A Hotel When It Comes To The Houston Rodeo

Corporate housing has long been a staple for the traveling business executive, but there are reasons that a corporate furnished apartment is better than a hotel for those traveling for special events too. In Houston, one of those special events that corporate housing is perfect for is the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

This rodeo extravaganza continues to be one of the city’s most time honored annual attractions after almost ninety years in operation. The sentiment that everything is bigger in Texas comes to mind for most when they see the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in person for the first time. Continue reading “3 Reasons A Furnished Apartment Is Better Than A Hotel When It Comes To The Houston Rodeo”

Top 10 Reasons To Bring A Dog On A Business Trip

Of the almost forty percent of American households that are estimated to own a dog, some already travel for work with their pet and do not need ten reasons to bring a dog on a business trip. Others in that same forty percent may still be unsure if traveling for business is right for them and their dog.

If you do plan on traveling with your dog, the number one priority is to work with a corporate lodging company that is pet friendly. Murphy’s Corporate Lodging understands the strong bond between dog owners and their pets and is dedicated to providing the consummate business travel experience for you and your dog. Continue reading “Top 10 Reasons To Bring A Dog On A Business Trip”