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Temporary or Corporate Housing in Corpus Christi

As one of the top ten largest cities in Texas with an estimated three hundred thousand plus residents, it is easy to see why Corpus Christi is becoming a premier destination for traveling business executives. More than eight million people a year flock to this city for business and pleasure, making temporary or corporate housing a necessity.

In addition to being preferred by many modern executives, temporary or corporate housing in Corpus Christi is ideal for those business professionals bringing family members with them for a mini vacation. With fully furnished multi room spaces that include a full kitchen and washer and dryer in each unit, staying at a corporate apartment in Corpus Christi feel more like home. Continue reading “Temporary or Corporate Housing in Corpus Christi”

How To Book A Stay With Corporate Housing

A record number of people travel each year for business, which necessitates the need for corporate housing. What may not be as cut and dry is how to book with corporate housing. Especially for a business executive that is new to traveling, knowing how to navigate the process can seem overwhelming. The good news is that modern corporate lodging companies can help direct guests through every step of the process and even take it over if a client wishes to delegate the chore altogether. Continue reading “How To Book A Stay With Corporate Housing”

What is Corporate Lodging – Glossary Included

While it may seem like a simple thing to travel for work, the world of corporate travel is constantly evolving, leaving many wondering, “What is corporate lodging?” Most readers will gather that it is lodging geared toward business executives, but some of the corporate lodging lingo can sometimes be confusing with unique terms such as “extended stay furnished apartments, luxury community amenities, and limited grocery service.” To help you better navigate the world of corporate lodging we have put together a glossary of common terms. Continue reading “What is Corporate Lodging – Glossary Included”

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates Complimentary Cleaning Kit

As the world eases back into opening up again amidst a pandemic, our guests’ safety is at the forefront of our minds. Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates is dedicated to providing guests with complimentary cleaning kits to enhance their levels of safety and comfort during their stay with us.

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Rain, Snow, Hurricane or Pandemic – Stronger Together With Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates

They say that home is where the heart is. Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates’s heart is with Texas and the world as we weather the effects of the global coronavirus pandemic together. We are Texas strong from having withstood hurricanes, floods and more alongside our community, and because of that we are confident in our ability to survive this event and come out on the other side better for it.

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The Top 7 Benefits of Choosing a Furnished Apartment for Space to Work

While having a place to step away to during the day can provide a welcome change of scenery and a feeling of routine, there are many benefits to choosing a corporate apartment for space to work. The top seven benefits to working from a corporate apartment during the coronavirus quarantine may include:

1. Quiet atmosphere

Between the dogs barking, the neighbor children screaming in backyard, and the music blaring from the other room, a quiet atmosphere can be hard to come by at home. A corporate apartment may provide individuals with more peace and quiet.

2. Time to yourself

For those with roommates or family at home, time to yourself can be hard to come by, even if it is just in the bathroom. Murphy’s corporate apartments have multi-room units that allow guests to have some peace and quiet so they can work and relax effectively.

3. More space to spread out and work.

At a corporate apartment, there is no need to safeguard your laptop from someone else spilling orange juice at the table. Guests have the freedom to work when and where they would like within the apartment without interference or mishaps.

4. High speed internet all to yourself.

Families of three or more that are all utilizing the internet at the same time for work and school can take a toll on the internet speed. Guests of Murphy’s can enjoy high speed internet designed for the business minded.

5. Not falling behind on work due to in-person interruptions from housemates and pets.

No more worries about your four-year-old wandering into your makeshift office while you’re on a video conference call with your boss or clients.

6. Re-establishing a daily routine.

It can feel empowering to get back into a normal daily routine in which you are going to a new location for the purpose of working.

7. Refreshed state of mental health.

Having a space of your own to diligently work without interruption or inconvenience may help contribute to a more refreshed state of mental health, for yourself and those waiting for you back at home.

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates caters to business executives and has a unique understanding of what it takes to help them feel comfortable and be successful away from home. By speaking with a company representative about your business preferences, we can place you at one of our many locations that is most convenient for you.

Be kind to yourself and those you live with by considering the advantages of working from a corporate apartment so you can continue being productive without the stresses home can bring during a quarantine.

What You Thought Working From Home Would Be Like vs. Reality

The coronavirus pandemic has changed what daily life looks like for many of us in the United States, most notably how we work. Many Americans work for businesses that are now asking their employees to work from home. Normally, working from home would sound like a dream, but with the added chaos of sheltering inside the home all day every day with roommates, family, children, and pets, having enough focus to effectively work from home can be challenging.

Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates offers a plausible work solution via fully furnished apartments across many Texas cities. During the coronavirus quarantine, these upscale apartments can also function as a work office outside the home.

Challenges of Working From Home During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Working from home has become a new normal for many in recent weeks. The switch to working at home instead of the office, especially for those without a home office, is often a significant adjustment that comes with a number of challenges, including but not limited to:

  • Finding a space inside the home that is free of human and pet interruptions
  • Obtaining privacy for conference and video calls
  • Establishing a designated work area that is not disturbed
  • Obtaining high speed internet capable of handling the entire household’s online activities
  • Feeling distracted
  • Experiencing feelings of frustration

Most of these challenges are rooted in the sudden change of environment from the office or field, to working from home. While the corporate setting is designed to help employees work effectively from office supplies to quiet workspaces to computer and internet capabilities, many homes are not.

Benefits of Furnished Corporate Apartments as a Quarantine Workspace

Individuals in search of a more businesslike atmosphere catering to executives may find that respite in a corporate apartment. While these apartments are typically designed for business executives working in a different city, during the COVID-19 quarantine, these spaces may also effectively double as a designated workspace.

By securing a corporate apartment for work, individuals can utilize this fully furnished space complete with a bedroom, bathroom, living area, washer/dryer, and kitchen for daily work hours, late night work hours, or even for entire days or weeks at a time. This change in environment may help employees to be more focused and productive without the constant distractions of home.

Contact us at info@corplodge or call us at 800.845.1574 for more space!

5 Things to Take Advantage of Right Now With So Many Things Down

Much of the world is under a stay-at-home or shelter in place order amidst the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. With schools and businesses closing in an effort to flatten the curve of the spread of COVID-19, many of us find ourselves at a loss of just what to do inside the walls of our homes.

While initially our options may seem limited, there are still a number of ways to stay entertained. To effectively do this, consider a shift in your thinking from, “Where can I go and what can I do?” to “How can I make today beautiful?” This simple change in the way that we look at the hours in our day may help as we navigate our current climate.

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Why Hand Sanitizer and Wipes are Sold Out and How to DIY

Perhaps the only thing sweeping the globe faster than the coronavirus is the selling of sanitizing cleaning products that may help reduce the spread of COVID-19 germs. There has been such an overwhelming demand for these items that hand sanitizer and wipes are largely sold out at almost every brick and mortar and virtual store in the nation. If you are one of the thousands of people that is having difficulty finding hand sanitizer and wipes, what can you do?

Many Americans are focusing on proper hand washing and are attempting to make their own disinfectant products. While hand washing is something we are hopefully already familiar with, for it to keep us healthy it must be done correctly. And though there is no shortage of do it yourself (DIY) recipes for hand sanitizer, it is extremely important to exercise caution when working with chemicals. Continue reading “Why Hand Sanitizer and Wipes are Sold Out and How to DIY”

Corporate Housing May Provide Alternatives for Those Stranded by Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

The spread of the coronavirus is changing the world as we know it every single day, including travel restrictions being imposed that have left misplaced corporate executives looking for a long term rental for at least a few weeks, if not months. As the world collectively practices social distancing and outings are largely discouraged, the need to for a business traveler to be comfortable and at home in their place of lodging is more crucial than ever before, and Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates stands ready to serve. Continue reading “Corporate Housing May Provide Alternatives for Those Stranded by Covid-19 Travel Restrictions”