Post COVID Hotel vs Corporate Apartments vs Airbnb

Choosing corporate housing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic can be a challenge as business executives examine hotels, Airbnb properties, and fully furnished corporate apartments. While many business professionals are still looking for the basics of accessibility, affordability, and outstanding amenities, life in a COVID world has them also looking for additional provisions such as stringent cleaning methods and individual cleaning kits. But which entities within the hospitality industry are changing the way they do business to better accommodate travelers during this worldwide health crisis?

Before planning your next business trip, put things on pause for a moment to consider the advantages and drawbacks of lodging at hotels, corporate apartments, and Airbnb properties. The choices you make about where to stay in the weeks and months to come may affect everything from your pocketbook to your long-term health, making it crucial to ponder which option is the best for you.

General Commonalities Between Hotels, Corporate Apartments and Airbnb Properties

When it comes to business lodging options, the most common choices tend to be hotels, corporate apartments, and Airbnb properties. Because of the nature of the business they are in, these three options for lodging share two basic commonalities:

  • Offer overnight or longer lodging
  • Accessible to business executives

Basic Differences Between Hotels, Corporate Apartments and Airbnb Properties

While all three lodging options do have a couple of similarities, there tend to be far more differences. For some traveling executives, these differences may be instrumental in narrowing down which lodging options are best for them. Here is a general breakdown of the differences between hotels, corporate apartments, and Airbnb properties:


  • Offer overnight lodging from one night to several weeks or more
  • May become cost prohibitive, particularly for long term stays
  • One room or suite style living space for guests
  • In room kitchens are rare for most large chains
  • In room laundry capabilities do not typically exist
  • Geared toward general travelers on vacation and accommodate business professionals
  • Pool and fitness room access is usually standard
  • Housekeeping is standard
  • Parking may be extra
  • Customer service available day and night

Corporate Apartments

  • Offer lodging from one night to several months
  • May be more cost effective, particularly for longer stays
  • Multi room living space including bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and dining area
  • Fully furnished with hand selected furniture and décor to make it feel like a home away from home
  • Full kitchens come standard
  • Washer and dryer in each apartment
  • Geared toward business executives
  • Resort style swimming pool and up to date exercise room
  • Housekeeping is provided
  • Free onsite parking
  • Around the clock customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


  • Offer overnight lodging (usually with a minimum stay requirement)
  • Can vary greatly on cost depending on geographic location, size of residence, and length of stay
  • Square footage will vary from property to property
  • Kitchens are typically accessible
  • Laundry capabilities may or may not be available
  • Geared frequently to vacationers
  • Fitness center and pool access are dependent on a specific property’s offerings
  • Housekeeping policies generally vary from property to property
  • Parking policy may be different for various properties
  • Customer service hours may be limited depending on property policies

Whether these differences are old news or interesting new facts for you, this breakout provides a general idea of some of the basic variances that exist.

COVID Related Considerations of Hotels, Corporate Apartments and Airbnb Properties

Business consumers in a COVID world are looking for a lodging provider that will also go the extra mile to keep them comfortable and safe during this time of great uncertainty. There are a few items to ponder when getting ready to travel for business amidst coronavirus:

Target market

While most lodging options will readily accommodate business professionals, it can be a vastly different business plan than that of corporate apartments who purposefully gear their services toward business clients. An entity that is hosting general travelers may have larger parties and more traffic flowing through their living and common spaces, making work and relaxation more difficult.

Common areas

Hotels are typically designed with common areas such as those designed for dining and meeting and also utilize common transportation such as stairways and elevators that are used by hundreds of people each day. Corporate apartments are designed to offer a guest the majority of what they will need in house without sharing that space with hundreds of others on the same day.


Most business travelers prefer corporate housing somewhat close to their place of temporary business. However, during the coronavirus crisis that can be particularly helpful as a close proximity to the office could possibly eliminate the need for public transportation if guests are able to walk or take a short drive to work. While many Airbnb properties may be more residential, corporate apartments are generally located in several different business districts of large cities, which may allow their guests to be closer to work.

Cleaning practices

The time to inquire about cleaning practices is before making your lodging reservations. These practices should reflect recommended standards among credentialed health experts. Focus on the kind of cleaning performed and the frequency with which it is done, particularly in common spaces. Corporate apartments are generally cleaned thoroughly after each use and some may also provide each apartment with a personal cleaning kit to be utilized throughout the guest’s stay for added peace of mind.

Customer service

There is much to evaluate and remember when it comes to travel and lodging in a coronavirus world. For this reason, wherever you choose to stay should offer around the clock customer service to address any problems or concerns you may have.

Business lodging in the midst of COVID is likely to look a little different. There may be a few new changes that are put in place to help keep guests safe and feel more comfortable, but all are designed to make a guest more confident about their lodging choice. Perhaps the most important consideration for traveling in these uncertain times is to choose the option that puts you the most at ease in terms of safety.

If you are considering a stay at a corporate apartment for your next business trip, please reach out to Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates today to see how we can assist you in making the most of your stay with us.