Top 10 Reasons To Bring A Dog On A Business Trip

Of the almost forty percent of American households that are estimated to own a dog, some already travel for work with their pet and do not need ten reasons to bring a dog on a business trip. Others in that same forty percent may still be unsure if traveling for business is right for them and their dog.

If you do plan on traveling with your dog, the number one priority is to work with a corporate lodging company that is pet friendly. Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates understands the strong bond between dog owners and their pets and is dedicated to providing the consummate business travel experience for you and your dog.


Top 10 Reasons to Bring a Dog on a Business Trip

American households are estimated to have a dog more than any other kind of pet. For many, a pet is a valued and treasured member of the family. Whether you have other family members at home or live alone, taking an extended business trip without your dog can cause some emotional distress. Fortunately, it is becoming increasingly common for reputable corporate lodging companies like Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates to provide accommodations to guests who like to travel with their dog.

While there may be a few additional logistics involved when traveling with a dog, most pet owners find it well worth the effort. The top ten reasons to bring a dog on a business trip can include:

  1. Provides company. Traveling away from home, particularly for extended periods of time, can increase feelings of loneliness. However, by traveling with your dog, you automatically have a built-in friend and playmate for the hours you spend at your temporary home.
  2. No expensive kennels needed for the duration of your absence. Kenneling a dog can be an expensive and emotional process. If a business traveler is scheduled to be gone for more than a week and have no family behind to care for their dog, kenneling could end up being almost as expensive as the business trip itself. Avoid the emotional hassle and cost of kenneling a dog by bringing them on your next business trip.
  3. Can relieve stress. Multiple studies have shown that snuggling, walking or playing with a pet can reduce stress levels and put an individual more at ease. When away from home for work, it is often natural for stress levels to rise due to traveling and a new work environment. Counteract this stress by bringing your trusted four-legged friend.
  4. Encourages exercise. After a long day at the office, it can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise, but a dog still needs daily exercise to be physically fit and take care of business. Taking the dog for a morning and evening walk serves the purpose of sneaking in a little exercise for both of you, improving overall wellbeing.
  5. Can be a great alarm clock. Jet lag is real, and it can take a toll on your regular sleeping and waking hours. If traveling with your dog, fear not about sleeping through or turning off your alarm. These furry friends are usually more than happy to let you know when it is time to get up with a fun loving lick or two to the face.
  6. Inspires sightseeing and exploration. If visiting a new city for the first time for work, a little exploration is in order. After a tiring day it can be tempting to skip the urge to discover the city all together, but your four-legged friend’s company can make sightseeing more fun.
  7. Enjoy pet specific activities. It is increasingly common for modern cities to feature parks or events that are centered around dogs. For example, Austin, Texas is home to several dog parks, some of which are enclosed and shaded and encourage off-leash play.
  8. Can be a great conversation starter. In this day and age, being alone on a park bench and people watching or striking up a conversation with a stranger can be negatively misconstrued. The same actions with a dog often put people more at ease, allowing them to bond over their love of dogs.
  9. Makes home away from home still feel like the real deal. Most corporate lodging units are created to mimic the comforts of home, but a home without loved ones can feel empty at times. Walking in the door to a dog who is thrilled to see you and be around you is an ideal way to bring a little bit of home with you.
  10. Provides a great bonding experience. There are few things dog owners and their pets love more than bonding over the open road. Whether you are driving or flying to your destination, the time you spend together on the journey and at the destination is a treasure and can provide fantastic long-lasting memories.

Business executives traveling for work have options when it comes to lodging, but not all will welcome dogs with open arms. Traveling with your dog becomes infinitely easier by working with Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates because we specialize in finding the optimal placement for guests and their dogs.

As these top ten reasons to bring a dog on a business trip have likely shown you, traveling for business does not have to be lonely. Call Murphy’s Corporate Housing Associates today to find out more about how we can create a worry-free lodging experience for you and your dog.