What is Corporate Lodging – Glossary Included

While it may seem like a simple thing to travel for work, the world of corporate travel is constantly evolving, leaving many wondering, “What is corporate lodging?” Most readers will gather that it is lodging geared toward business executives, but some of the corporate lodging lingo can sometimes be confusing with unique terms such as “extended stay furnished apartments, luxury community amenities, and limited grocery service.” To help you better navigate the world of corporate lodging we have put together a glossary of common terms.

Glossary of Terms for Corporate Lodging

Amenities: The amenities of a corporate apartment are conveniences and services offered to make guests feel right at home. Luxury amenities tend to be special conveniences with a more upscale feel such as a state-of-the-art fitness center or a resort style pool.

Bedroom: The master bedroom of a corporate apartment is designed to be a guest’s relaxing oasis from the grueling pace of a hectic day. In general, these spaces include a dresser or chest of drawers, at least one nightstand, optional bed sizes complete with a classic headboard, and a high definition flat screen television. In addition, guests can expect to find an alarm clock, fine linens, blanket, coat hangers, and even a laundry basket.

Client: When it comes to corporate lodging, a client is defined as an individual staying in a fully furnished corporate apartment. Lodging companies host business clients from dozens of industries each year with the end goal being to provide them with the most pleasant worry-free experience possible.

Corporate Apartment: The most common type of property offered by corporate lodging companies is the corporate apartment. This multi-room living space is geared to provide business professionals with the comforts of home while they are away for work.

Corporate Housing: The term corporate housing generally refers to lodging in the form of a fully furnished corporate apartment available to a traveling business executive.

Dining Area: The dining space of corporate apartments is designed to create a welcoming gathering area for guests to linger comfortably during mealtime. The dining room typically features a standalone dinner table complete with multiple chairs or barstools. Although the space is designed primarily for dining, it can also double as an impromptu workspace where clients can spread out with a computer and important documents.

Executive Furnishings: Each corporate apartment is designed with the businessperson in mind, which is why they feature tasteful and functional furnishings that executives are accustomed to.

Extended Stay Furnished Apartments: These are fully furnished corporate apartments that offer long term temporary housing solutions (such as stays that last for weeks or months) for guests.

Fitness Center: The fitness center of a corporate apartment generally features state of the art exercise equipment to help guests stay in shape while working off stress from the office.

Flexible Lease Terms: Business is a fluid operation with some deals taking longer than others to close, which is why most corporate lodging companies offer flexible lease terms, or flexibility for guests’ short- and long-term stays.

Fully Furnished Apartment: Corporate apartments feature premium furnishings that evoke feelings of luxury and comfort for guests. A fully furnished apartment should come with basic furniture, special touches, and artwork that all contribute to making a guest feel right at home.

Furnished Monthly Rental: The term furnished monthly rental refers to a corporate apartment that is fully furnished and can be rented out for a month or more at a time.

Guest Services: Corporate lodging companies typically have clients arriving from all over the world at different times, which is one of the reasons they offer customer service for guests twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Housekeeping: This service refers to the cleaning services provided by a corporate lodging company. When it comes to corporate apartments this service can be bi-weekly and generally includes housekeeping chores such as loading the dishwasher, wiping down commonly used kitchen surfaces, cleaning bathrooms, replacing bath towels, replacing bed linens, making beds, vacuuming, and collecting the trash.

Kitchen: Corporate apartments are designed with the consummate business executive in mind which is why they feature a fully equipped kitchen. Some of the features of these well outfitted kitchens include cookware, tableware, glassware, utensils, knife block, appliances (toaster, coffee maker, full size refrigerator, stove with oven), hot pads, salt and pepper shakers, and more.

Linens: The term linens generally refer to fabrics that are highly used within the apartment space such as bath towels and sheet sets.

Living Room: The main living area in a corporate apartment is designed with the client’s comfort in mind. To create a home-like environment, this space typically features a cozy sofa, relaxing chair, classic cocktail table or ottoman, modern end tables and lamps, and is completed with a high definition flat screen television.

Long Term Rental: Depending on the project at hand, business can be a long term affair that requires a stay of several weeks or months. Corporate lodging features long term rentals or fully furnished corporate apartments that can be rented for longer periods of time. This can often be a more cost-effective solution than other long-term rental options within the hospitality industry.

Luxury Community Amenities: One of the things that sets corporate apartments apart from other lodging options within the hospitality industry is luxury community amenities. These can include swimming pools and state of the art fitness centers to name a few.

Move-In Provisions: Upon move-in to a corporate apartment, guests are also provided with basic provisions such as initial dishwasher detergent, initial laundry detergent, initial dishwashing liquid, initial coffee with filter, a roll of paper towels, bottled water, as well as travel size shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, toothbrush, and toothpaste.

Multi-Room Living Space: Corporate apartments are multi-room living spaces that generally include one or more bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and dining area.

Pet Policy: Corporate lodging properties generally have a pet policy in place, with many of them being pet friendly. If you wish to travel with your pet, be sure to communicate this to your lodging company in advance.

Property: When used in the context of corporate lodging, a property generally refers to a corporate apartment and sometimes the rest of the surrounding apartment complex.

Relocation Services: Individuals that are being transferred to a new city often prefer to take advantage of a corporate lodging company’s relocation services. This feature allows a client to stay at a fully furnished corporate apartment while they research and visit nearby neighborhoods to find a perfect location for permanent housing.

Short Term Rental: Whether a business executive requires a space for one night or a week, a short term rental with a corporate lodging company can be a good fit. Regardless of the short amount of time spent in a corporate apartment, they are furnished and decorated to create the ultimate home away from home experience for busy professionals.

Short Term Vacation Rentals: In some instances, guests may wish to utilize a fully furnished corporate apartment as a short term vacation rental. This allows guests to stay at a corporate lodging property for the duration of their vacation while experiencing the level of customer service and luxury that corporate apartments are known for.

Utilities: When it comes to corporate lodging, utilities should be all inclusive. This typically includes high-speed internet, cable, water, gas, electric, trash, and telephone.

Laundry Room: The laundry area of a corporate apartment is usually outfitted with a washer, dryer, iron, and ironing board. Initial laundry detergent is also typically provided. This amenity allows guests to do their laundry at the time of their choosing in the comfort of their own living space.

Welcome Snack Basket: One of the key indicators of a guest’s enjoyment of a corporate lodging space is the degree to which they feel welcome and comfortable, which is why guests usually receive a small welcome snack basket complete with a few goodies to make move-in a little extra special.

Wi-Fi: With business executives counting for the largest client population of corporate lodging, it goes without saying that each corporate apartment comes with wireless networking technology which allows guests to connect to the internet.

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