Corporate Lodging with Flexible Lease Terms

Short-Term Furnished Apartments

When you only need a short stay, Murphy’s Corporate Lodging can provide a furnished apartment for even one night in the Dallas and Houston area. No stay is too short for us within our core area.

Globally, we also have discounted 30-day stays that are hotel-tax exempt.

Long-Term Furnished Apartments

For long-term projects worldwide, we can set up your housing for as long as needed, even if you need a permanent corporate apartment that you’ll rotate staff through. Whatever your business need, Murphy’s Corporate Lodging can find a housing solution that fits within your requirements and comes with all-inclusive, upfront pricing.

Contact Murphy’s for long- and short-term housing solutions with flexible lease terms.

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After Hours?


Whether you choose long- or short-term rentals, here are some of the ways we ensure a worry-free experience.

differentiator_icon22px These services are part of the “Murphy’s Advantage” and are unique benefits for our clients and guests.
  • Housekeeping on staff  differentiator_icon16px
    We train our skilled and detail-focused housekeepers to keep our apartments in peak condition with bi-weekly housekeeping.
  • All-inclusive utilities differentiator_icon16px
    We ensure our guests have everything they need to stay comfortably with us.
  • Follow-up service calls differentiator_icon16px
    Our guests’ feedback is extremely valuable to us. We follow up through email and phone calls throughout each guest’s stay to ensure that our guests are comfortable
  • Premium furnishings differentiator_icon16px
    Because we lease furniture especially chosen for Murphy’s, our guests always get high quality, modern furniture, with quick replacement if ever needed.
  • Premium provisions
    We include features like king beds, flat-screen TVs and our own housewares to provide our guests with a premium experience.
  • Class A communities
    We choose only the highest quality communities – near the things that matter most to each guest, like work locations, excellent schools, restaurants, entertainment, and grocery stores.
  • Meeting your needs – no matter what
    We do whatever is needed to meet our guests’ needs, whether that’s arranging grocery deliveries, advising on shuttle services or providing information on school districts.